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13 Reasons to Love Black Cats

black kitty with moustache You’ve heard the superstitions about black cats being unlucky, right? With Halloween coming up, I wanted to remind everyone of how silly those superstitions are and how awesome black cats really are. Let’s look at some reasons why you shouldn’t judge cats by the color of their fur.

1.  Black cats were worshiped in ancient Egypt, and owning black cats was thought to bring good luck.

2.  Lots of famous cats have been black. Black cats have been featured in popular shows and movies including The Simpsons, Star Trek, Looney Tunes, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and Coraline.

3.  Black cats are so elegant. They’re always ready for a fancy black tie affair. Black and white cats, or tuxedo cats, come with some pretty cool coat patterns too, like this guy’s epic moustache.

black cats4.  Wouldn’t you like to have your very own ninja running silently through your house? Black cats are the ninjas of the domestic cat family. They’re practically invisible at night; all you might see is a glowing pair of eyes.

5.  The richest cat in the world is a black cat from Italy named Tommaso. His owner left him $13 million when she died, giving Tommaso a place in the Guinness world records.

6.  Black cats can look good in photos, if you’ve got the right photographer. Find pet photography tips to find out how easy it is to bring out the best in your black cat during a photo shoot.

7.  In Great Britain and Japan, black cats are considered lucky.

black cat 8.  The Bombay is a lovable breed distinguished by its sleek black coat and gorgeous golden eyes. Their nickname is the “parlor panther,” because of their resemblance to the big cat.

9.  Black goes with everything. Place a black cat on your lap and notice the slimming effect. No matter your décor or color preference, black is the perfect complementary color, much like a black cat’s personality can be the perfect match to yours.

10.  Black fur won’t show up on black clothes, so whether you’re wearing comfy black sweatpants or a little black dress, you won’t have to worry about those little black hairs giving you away as a cat lover.

11.  Lots of sports teams have black as one of their colors, and some teams even have cats as their mascots.

black cats12.  Black cats are just like other cats. They can be loving and sweet or demanding and aloof. Lots of people claim black cats are more loving than other cats, and all of the black cats I’ve known have been very sweet.

13.  There are plenty of black cats to go around! Find the right cat for you waiting for a home in your local shelter. Why not adopt a mini panther?

If 13 reasons aren’t enough for you, the San Francisco SPCA has even more reasons adopting a black cat brings good fortune.
I hope you’ll consider adopting a black cat (or dog) the next time you’re looking for a new furry member of your family.

Do you own a black cat? Tell us why you love your little panther in the comments below!

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I have 4 black cats, all of them loving and full of fun! Black Cats are the best, because they are chosen not for their outer looks, but their inner beauty.

I own a Bombay and a Tuxedo Cat and they are wonderful! My little Bombay is so affectionate and loves to snuggle under the covers. My Tuxedo Cat is curious and very handsome. He loves attention and to be around people. Adopting them was a wonderful decision!

We lost our two beloved cats to cancer this year. Just took in 3 rescue kittens and joy in the house again. All black; 2 are sisters rescued after 8 days in a storm drain and the 3’rd, a male, bonded with them at the shelter.
No way they were getting separated.

Mr. B came to visit us on a regular basis 15 years ago. At the time we had a nasty feline named Jake who clearly had mancoon in him, along with a really really nasty disposition. He had one weird habit. He enjoyed inviting all the other cats in the neighbourhood over to our place to eat, use the kitty litter and sharpen their claws on our furniture. Mr. B was just one of them.

We thought he had a home because he had a collar. I would let him hang out at the apartment during the day but put him out at night to go home. Eventually we found out someone in the complex had simply put the collar on so the humane society wouldn’t pick him up as a stray. He was homeless. Then we discovered he had no claws. I kept him in at night after that. He didn’t much care for confinement.

The next week I took him for neutering. The vet agreed he had been declawed but not in a nice way. Several months later Mr. B’s claws grew back. To this day he won’t let anyone clip his nails.

His booming purr endeared Mr. B to everyone in the co-op. He frequently jumped off the deck, two storey’s high, to greet his friend Richard from two doors over whenever he noticed him walking by.

Whenever Mr. B received raw meat scraps from a meal we were preparing, he would reciprocate with a ‘gift’ of his own. He was after all, a stray and used to feeding himself. Not everyone appreciated his generosity.

Mr. B has incredible dignity, loyalty, generosity and class. For 15 years he has been the head of the household, ruling all the other animals. We really appreciate this as the others appear to be sharing a brain cell.

Mr. B hated being indoors at first and he could unlock most doors to get out. I watched him push over latches, turn deadbolts and door knobs to get out. These days he doesn’t always go outside in the winter, he’s slowing down.

Each night when Frank, the dog and I go out for our evening constitutional, Mr. B and Clover follow, those these days Mr. B is much further behind.

When he first came to live with us I often found myself chasing other cats to bring in at night believing them to be Mr. Blackout. I often quipped that ‘all black cats look alike.’ (I didn’t always get the right one.)This is only true to those who don’t have one. Mr. Bartholomew Blackout continues to be the classiest cat in the house and I believe, the neighbourhood. Each night I whistle for him to come home his distinguished stroll followed by his purr of greeting immediately identifies him as the one and only Mr. B.

My black cat has only one (left) eye.  I found him with his sister out front of my house on my porch.  His (right) eye was just kind of hanging there out of the socket.  I rushed him over to the local vet where the doctor simply removed the eye and sewed up the eye brows so the cat couldn’t inadvertently open the right eye socket.  He is obviously my lovable little friend.  He will only come out from hiding if he hears my voice.  And he jumps up onto my lap every night looking for my love in return.  I named him “Kitty Kat”.

Gregory, what a sweet story! We are so happy Kitty Kat found you, because who knows what would have happened otherwise!? Thanks for reading and sharing your story. We’re glad you love your black cat. He is certainly lucky to have you.

Oh, Patti, Mr. B sounds like such a great kitty. I love when they purr loud as if to share their happiness with everyone! Thanks for reading and sharing Mr. B with us. We’d love to see pictures - feel free to post them on our Facebook page. Has he tried Feline Lickety Stik yet?

Leo, losing a pet is never easy - no matter how old you are. To loose two in the same year to such a horrible disease is unimaginable. We are so sorry for your loss, and happy to hear you have new kittens in your family. Thanks for reading!

Aww, Shannon. That is so great to hear. Your kitties are certainly lucky to have you. Thanks for reading!

Pam, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves. We’re so glad you have your 4 kitties. They are definitely lucky to have you. Thanks for reading!

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I have a year old black cat. She is very affectionate. She was already named Smokey when I adopted her along with her three gray and white brothers. Of course they are all my babies, but Smokey is a really pretty kitty. When I pet her she is a little purr box. Often as I am petting her I say things like, “you’re so pretty.”

What a sweet story, Lisa!! Thank you so much for sharing and loving your kitties as much as you do!

We have owned two black cats:  Priscilla and (the late) Leah.  They were/are beautiful miniature panthers:  loving, elegant, champion purr-ers, and just wonderful companions.

I have two cats that are the greatest both males one black and one tabby I found the tabby as a stray and he got my black female pregnat she is no longer with us the tabby is garfeild and the black one is smoky dog his son.

I am owned by two black beauties Toby and Zennie There is just something about black cats that I am naturally drawn to I think i was a witch in a prior life They bring great joy to my life I do not believe in the bad luck theory of black cats I was very lucky the day these two beauties came into my life They are with my forever

I have a black cat. His name is Flee, and he is very sweet. He was a stray for the first few weeks of life, and we adopted him and his sister (whose name is Fluffy, and she’s gray mixed with black).

Flee is 2-years-old and we’ve had him and Fluffy for a year now. I love him and he is lovable and sweet.

He’s my special little guy.

I actually think black cats look gorgeous and can’t understand why they’re the last to be adopted. They’re next on my list if my cat approves :p

I actually went out of my for my black domestic shorthair. Tom thinks he is a panther. He also is the most attached and affectionate kitten anyone in my family has had.

I have a black male named Psycho who is the most lovable little boy. He showed up at our house 5 years ago a frightened feral we could not touch for 8 months. I had to trap him in a cage to bring him in for neutering. After that he slowly came around and over a 1 1/2 years he progressed to an indoor only pet.  I hated that he missed the outdoors so taught him to walk on a leash and now we take him on walks daily around the yard .  When we come home be greets us with meow and runs to his leash and the door, really he is like a dog. He will also sometimes pee outside while on the leash .  He has brought such joy to our lives and we love to talk to him and call him our ” pretty boy”. He will return the affection with a head butt and very loud purring.  We love him very much.

I just lost my black cat last week to kidney failure.  He was the love of my life.  So handsome, well behaved and most of all the most affectionate cat we have had.  I am truly heartbroken but was blessed with having this little guy for 13 years. He brought love to our household and will be missed forever.

A large black cat adopted me 8 years ago. He showed up in horrible condition and just sat on my porch. I took him to my vet to get patch up and nursed back to health. They named him Thomas O’Malley. We have been together since and is the most loving intelligent cat. I thank him all the time for picking me!

I actually went out of my way to look for a friendly affectionate perfect black kitty for our household. I saw her at an adoption event and I was immediately in love.  She’s been my partner in crime ever since! I just LOVE her personality, elegance & sleek look. I think I am forever hooked on black kitties!

I got my Bonnie Blue when she was 1 1/2 weeks old, a rescue-adoption.  She was so smart from the start! Usually bottle babies have to be taught and conjoled into feeding from a nurser. Not Bonnie! I have had cats all my life (I’m 45 now),  and Bonnie is by far the smartest cat I’ve ever owned.  She abides by a schedule (she made it up, not me!) for potty time outside, is atrracted to water, is easily adaptable, loves to be around us, but loves her roaming time, and eats healthily, even though she’s known as Piggy around our house now. I couldn’t imagine my life without her.  Although Piggy doesn’t like her Vet’s office and turns into a ninja of sonic proportions when she’s there, nor does she purr often at all, she’s loving to her family and her extended family when they come for a visit, she shows her love and affrction for us in her very own way.  Life without her would be bland!

I adopted my very first pet 5 years ago. His name is Burma and he happens to be a black cat. Every one was adopting his blue eyed silver striped tabby siblings, alone Burma was, far back in the cage pawing at a toy mouse.
I was never particularly into cats-in fact I regarded them as selfish and sneaky- but I believe God made us come together. You see, I was just killing the last bit of my lunch hour in NYC when I saw the mobile adoption van from the Hamptons. I adopted Burma on my lunch hour-without thinking about what my husband might say-or worse yet what my Boss would say!
I believe it was meant to be. The volunteer asked me three times, “you sure? The black one??” You’re all right, people don’t adopt/like black pets. Some members of my family stay away from Burma when they visit-when all he wants is a tickle under the chin. Some just dislike him outright-they say “bad luck” or “why didn’t you get a different cat?”
My Burma is now 5, and he’s the most handsome, attention seeking affectionate little man I’ve ever known. Because of him I took in two strays; the third of them black-and I love them all to bits-but Burma is and always will be my favorite.
He developed asthma at 1, but he takes his inhaler like a good boy, and never gives me trouble. The vet says he shows the early signs of a bad kidney, but I’m hoping that isn’t the case. I hope my Burma stays around for many, many years.

I have more than a few cats in my home, and find it a little quirky that the ones who are continually on my lap when I sit down are the 2 blacks and 1 tuxedo. I have other colors, but for some reason they are the “lap cats”. I do have one other tuxedo cat, but he was feral and is slowly coming around.  Although they all love to be petted and played with, it’s odd how they don’t seek me out to lay on my lap like the blacks/tuxedos.  Not that I’d have any room left on my lap, lol.

Well i love my Meg for her outer and inner beauty. Black cats are simply beautiful and i just don’t understand why every one doesn’t agree!! She really is my best friend.

I have 7 black cats…..all r lovely…..

We have a black cat..his name is dodge…he is so smart and compassionate…he makes sure my son falls asleep every nite..(he lays at his feet)...sleeps all nite on our bed and makes sure he goes back to my sons room so hes there when my son wakes up…and walks down our hall to the exit door…as he sees my son off to school!!! He plays legos and hot wheels with my son and his friends and takes toys from the toybox when hes bored too! This little cat has bern an amazing addition to our home !!!!!!

I took in two black kittens (litter mates, one male and one female) to foster back in May. They were separated from their mother way too early, so I had to hand rear them from 3 weeks old. They quickly became a part of our household, even the dog approves. I can not imagine parting with them now, they are such cool cats. Buddy and Darlin’ (my boyfriend named them, silly guy) are fun, goofy, and very snugly. So glad to have my two panther cats!

I found my Black kitty. He was a kitten and abandoned and his eyes were shut… I took him in, and cleaned his eyes, only to fin that he was missing an eye!!!! My kitty is 7 months old now, an we had his eye sewn up! It looks great now! His one eye that he does have though is gorgeous! It’s golden with green and red in it! He is a domestic shorthair, but it seemed to hve gotten thicker in the winter. Making him look like a medium haired cat! Since he is a Tabby cat, you can see lines on him, and they’re really unique! Almost like dark brown lines on his black fur! I love him because his body really does look like a panther! He ha a longish torso, with a tail almost the length of his body! I love my black kitty! I couldn’t ask for a better cat. He also “talks” ALOT!! He is constantly coming up to me and meowing! My sisters cat doesn’t do that at all, when he walks into the room, he looks at you and just talks. It is almost like having a conversation with him. Because than I say soemthing back, and he responds!:) I love cats! They’re fun ad intelligent!

I’ve always had cats and in my experience black cats have been the most lovable

Donna, I am truly sorry for your loss of your black cat. I too own a black cat who has been the love of my life for 16 years. I recently discovered he has kidney disease and diabetes. He will soon leave me as well which will devastate me. Who knows maybe you can adopt another black kitty as I may as well. There are plenty of black kittens that need loving home! Good luck and take care!

Our Ms Bacalli was an abusive cat who began to roam the complex where we live.  She would not trust anyone until she kept seeing me.  She would come over and roll for me and appear out of nowhere when I was around.  I finally touched her, and that was it.  She has been with us over 5 years now, and though she is still feral and likes to go out, she is incredibly smart and only knows and trusts me and my lady.  She can be a bit bitchy at times due to her background, but we accept it.  She is an incredible hunter and brings us gifts-if you can call them that-every so often.  Her latest gift left at my door was-yuk- a mouse.  Fortunately, it was dead, but what a smell!

Black cats bad luck?  Ridiculous.  All cats are good luck as far as I’m concerned.  Don’t forget the first great popular animated cartoon character was a black cat named Felix.  (Otto Messmer, the animator who designed him for producer Pat Sullivan, said he named him Felix for “feline and felicity…a good luck cat.”)

I always thought Cher would be a cute name for a beautiful long-haired female black cat.  Cats are divas too, y’know…

I lost my cat to kidney failure 6 weeks ago. Willow was the love of my life for 16 years, but not my last. A week ago I found Mico at the shelter. I was not looking for a black cat or even a kitten, but the little guy just stole my heart which is why he is named Mico - short for mi corezone (my heart in Spanish). He reminds me of my late grandfather’s cat Andy, playful and curious, but a total love bug. Took him to my vet yesterday and I thought she was not going to give him back, because she was in love with him. I am truly blessed that Mico chose me to be his new Mommy.

I have a black cat, his name is Charlie and is the best cat ever! I love him inside and out. I have been sick for the past 2 days and he won’t leave my lap! Loyal and comforting kitty!

animals a nice and kind I have a black cat named coal he is 4 years old he sneaky the dogs chase him

I love black cats I have one named coal he
4 years old and he sneaky the dogs chase him

I’ve been a proud mommy of 2 black kittens for a few months now and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. They’re funny, loving, and great with other people.  Every morning I wake up to them snuggling up to me.  They each have a great sense of humor too . There is never a dull day with them. I love my girls to death <3

Our cat has two different colored eyes.  Pookie was a shelter rescue.  She is definitely the queen of our house.

finilly someone agris with me i love them thier my favirit i have one

I have a beautiful black cat named Midnight and all my friends are scared of him but his so huggable!

My black cat Sadie picked me at the pet adoption when she stuck her paw out and caught my purse strap. I took her out of the cage and sat her on my lap and she purred and purred. She has been my sweet, friendly, playful companion for 12 years now. I can barely sit down for a minute before she wants to sit in my lap.  She sleeps with me every night and snuggles close when it’s cold outside. Unlike other cats, she likes meeting people. I also had a black cat when I was a child and she too was very friendly. She would come sit in the bed with me when I was sick. I agree that black cats are the friendliest.

I just lost my 14 year old black cat Thomas recently and he was hands down the best companion I’ve ever had. He was incredibly friendly, down to earth, and made self-proclaimed cat haters open their minds. One day I will again adopt another black cat since he made my life that much better.

The first black cat I had was scrappy and he passed away at 18 from cancer.  I started working at a vet and fell for another black kitty named Sadie I was ring ti rehabilitate her at 4 weeks she was in bad shape but she didnt make it. Then came Layla. I got a call from a lady at work who was desperate because sge fiynd a 4 week kitten with a broken leg. Well 4 years latter shes trying to climb over my arm to see what I’m writing about her. She is one of the neediest cats I have ever met and the sweetest and she’s my daughter.

I have a black cat called blackie. He was born under the Christmas tree with 2 other siblings.He is very vocal and has such an awesome personality and very affectionate. His mother which was also black adopted me. Black cats are the best. Love him to bits!!

I love black cats! I used to have a playful, sweet, funny, and adorable one. He, sadly, died much too young… If I was able to get another cat right now, it would ceraintly be a black one. It’ a shame people don’t like them as much.

I’ve been owned by a few black cats in my life but it’s been quite a few years since I’ve been graced with one in my life. Until a month ago when Bella LaRue St. John came into my life.
My fiancé was at his mechanic’s shop when on walked a sweet little kitty. She immediately jumped up on the counter and demanded attention.  No one knew where she came from, but she decided to stay. She lived at the shop for a few weeks while the mechanic hoped to find the humans who this kitty owned, or find a new home for her. Finding neither, our animal-loving mechanic asked for our help as he could no longer keep “pretty kitty” as he called her.
My fiancé brought her to our home knowing I would expect nothing less and I set out on a mission to find her a loving home. After a few possibilities that didn’t work out, clearly our sweet little girl had found her home.
She is gentle, loving, and so sweet. After a couple of weeks getting to know us, we have won her love and trust and she shares our bed, along with our big white & black cat, Monchichi.
As I write this, she is curled up next to me sound asleep on her favorite blanket after making her “biscuits” with her kneeding ritual.
Miss Bella has found her fur-ever family. :-)

My black cat Mr. Mischief has been with me for a little little over 10 years and I would go through my entire life exactly the same if it meant finding him,  and I’ve suffered a lot of heartache and betrayal.  He is my kitty soul mate. When he was 2 years old he began having urinary tract infections and over the next year they became increasingly worse and I’d bring him to the vet every month until he became incontinent and I was told his kidneys were failing. Rather than abandon him at the vet or stress him out by taking him to the vet every day I overcame my aversion to needles in order to inject him with 100cc’s of saline every day between his shoulder blades. For 2 weeks I gave him meds and the injections which I knew were painful as the needle was quite large. Our connection was so strong he would literally sit there without moving or growling as I stuck him with that needle and he’d wait patiently for me to remove it when he’d gotten enough saline. Unfortunately, the meds weren’t working and I was told I’d have to put him down so I stopped giving him the meds and injections.  Everyday I cried to him and begged him not to leave me and the day I had to put him down I was so devastated. The vet came in to do her final exam of him and was shocked to discover that he was fully recovered and he had been as sick as ever until she came in. It was like he just knew what was coming and he wasn’t ready to leave me either. He has never had a UTI or any other health problem since and is now as playful as he was at a year old.  He brings me his toy mice every night and is my constant shadow. I have 2 other cats who are also very sweet and loving and whom I also love very much but my black cat is just incredibly special.

I agree with you, my friend have 2 Pure Black cats (all still kitten) but he does have 1 pure black before long ago (before dead) and its very great, pure black cat has greatness ability as mouse hunter, because mouse can’t see it easyly(well, maybe better than 3 color cats), and when it go to fighting, it never loss, because I don’t know why other cats are very afraid to pure black cats(maybe because they can’t see it easyly too), moreover when my friend adopt this black cats when it still kitten, actually he does have 1 adult male pure white cat, and this grown pure white cat are very afraid to this pure black kitty (very much), but sadly it accidentally he eats poisoned mouse unawareness and its too late to detox it, but now from other his cat my friend had 2 pure black kitty, and its cute but still it was being feared by other cats too

I have two black cats right now. I share a home with my Mom who although she and my Dad are still happily married, lives in the family home with me while my Dad lives down state most of the month so that he can be close to his office headquarters. Long story short, my Dad had a sweet little kitty-the sweetest entity of any species that any of us had ever met. Unfortunately a few years back, she passed away after only two short years of life due to deteriorating health and wellness from feline leukemia. The other cat (my cat Annabelle) whom we had at the time was mysteriously immune to several very serious and highly contagious cat diseases, feline leukemia and feline aids being among them. After finding out that Dorrie, my Dad’s cat, had a serious case of feline leukemia shortly after we adopted her, we informed the shelter (so that they could quarantine any cats who had spent a lot of time with her and treat the cats at the shelter appropriately to maintain their health and wellness). The shelter of course asked if we wanted to give Dorrie back. We were horrified. “Of course not,” we said. We wanted to love her and give her the best, most comfortable and happiest life we could give her while she was here. We wanted to enjoy her company and nurture and protect her as best we could while we could.
Dorrie brought us so much joy and made my Dad feel happy and loved whenever he came home to visit throughout the two years she was with us. She would sit on his lap every time he sat down, cuddle with him in bed every night that he slept at home and follow him through the house whenever he was here. She cheered him up when he was sad or angry and made him laugh and smile more times than any of us could count. She brought happiness to all of us at my house. Legend of Dorrie spread far and wide as visitors came over and experienced her for themselves. Everyone agreed that she was the sweetest, kindest, gentlest, most loving animal they had ever met. And beautiful—she was beautiful. She was truly a special cat and when the end came, she just looked right at my Dad and laid her face gently against his, touching his face with her little black paw. She looked him in the eyes as he held her in his arms. I know she was telling us that she was at peace and okay with going…on…to the other side… My Dad is not the kind of man who cries-at least not easily and not often, but he cried like I’ve never seen before in my life and may never see again when she passed. Thankfully she passed happily, calmly and safely in his arms. She truly changed my Dad’s perspective on life. I absolutely believe that. She was the most special cat, the most special animal, and the best example of humanity, something that we humans claim as if we have a monopoly on selfless beauty and love. Dorrie had this beautiful humanity, this brilliant light and a truly unselfish love that defies description as animals often do. But I can truly say with confidence and from experience that black cats are absolutely good luck. In fact they’re the best luck. They can change your life in ways you can’t even imagine. They are truly beautiful creatures inside and out.
*Annabelle mourned for months after Dorrie passed. Dorrie inspired faithful friendship and loyalty in humans and kitties alike. They were truly a bonded pair as were/are she and my Dad. To this day, my Dad remembers the day Dorrie passed as well as the day we brought her home. We’ve had our share of beautiful animals in our family, but Dorrie inspired something special in all of us.
*A couple of years after sweet little Dorrie passed, I found a one month old feral kitten who wasn’t being fed and had been shunned by his Mom-at Halloween of all possible times of year. Concerned for his well being, I brought him home and named him-Leo. He’s another beautiful, friendly, intelligent, sweet, cuddly black cat. Although my Annabelle (before she passed a few years ago) and now my Annie (both gray and white cats) were/are my special best friends, my Leo kitty is my baby. He decided right off the bat that I was “Mama” and he nurses (by sucking on my sleeve) and kneads like a little kitten whenever he sits on my lap to this day. He’s very particular about when he’ll come out and who he’ll see, but he always comes out for me and always cuddles with me. He’s just a gorgeous, lovable kitty. I can’t even describe how beautifully sleek and handsome he is. He’s a wonderful companion too. When he’s done “nursing,” he just sits on the arm of my chair or sits on the table while my Dad works (when my Dad comes to stay). He’s the sweetest, gentlest little baby you would ever meet. The vet’s office just loves when I bring him in. They can’t believe how well behaved he is and how gentle and sweet he is no matter what they have to do to him. Again, he’s a perfect example of how wonderful specifically black cats are.

*Five or six years after Dorrie passed, I was quite miraculously (literally, miraculously) drawn through a series of events to a cat with remarkable similarity to Annabelle who had passed maybe a year before this point and almost directly before I found my cat Annie, a cat (like Annie was to Annabelle) through a similar unbelievable and miraculous turn of events a cat who not only resembled Dorrie physically, but who was in similar medical circumstances and who after I adopted her, immediately fell into the exact same pattern with my Dad that Dorrie had. Sophie, our newest black kitty, has the exact same look (but quite a bit tinier—she has a perpetual kittenish look to her) as Dorrie did, as well as almost the exact same energy, mannerisms and personality. I’m a well educated, scientific minded person, yet I truly believe that I’ve experienced real miracles with my kitties. And yes, the three black cats that we’ve had are the absolute sweetest, kindest, most loving animals, and truly even that description doesn’t do them justice. Black cats are a real phenomenon. I don’t know how better to put it than that. They are some of the most amazing animals you will ever have the good fortune to experience. If you are in the ‘market,’ shall we say, for a kitty cat, DEFINITELY consider a black cat (and absolutely consider adoption rather than purchasing from a breeder or pet store). You won’t be disappointed!

*My family and I have worked with area shelters over the years and currently foster. All of the animals whom we’ve been lucky enough to open up our hearts and our homes to are shelter animals. We donate to our local no-kill shelters as well. Basically (lol), we’re NOT just crazy cat people. We’re simply crazy about helping animals people. We have SIX cats right now, three females (a black cat, Sophie, my Dad’s little baby, a gray and white cat, Annie, my little best friend, and a beautiful tortoise shell-an owl-faced tortie, named Rosie) and three males (Roy, a handsome, friendly, outgoing tabby, Spot, a black and white permanent foster cat with a spunky personality and the cutest black spot on his nose, and Leo the black cat-my little baby). Along with our beautiful mixed breed adopted dog, Coco, they are quite the handful, but they make life so much more enjoyable. They’re family. So that’s my story. I hope it will help to open some eyes to the fact that animals-cats, black cats in specific are not just an option, but should be considered as a first choice.

I love my black cat so much!

I had two black cats during my 18 years of life. My first one was my mom’s, her name was Taffy but I loved her so very much. She was an amazing baby. We had to euthanize because of a sickness. Then, my second one was Croquette. She is my baby, the love of my life. She’s a sweet, beautiful, elegant, gracious, cuddly cat. She loves being talked to but she doesn’t like the other two cats we have at home and will tell them off if she needs to. When I’m in bed, she comes to lay with me and when I’m busy in my room, she comes to greet me by jumping on my bed and laying on it. When I’m upset she comes to see me and snuggle with me. She’s so cute!

we just adopted our 3rd kitty yesterday…she is our first black kitty. we named her cookie :) she is beautiful and tiny and seems like a sweet doll. So far she has been very affectionate, purrs, and loves to explore. I cant wait to get to know her more. :)

We have always had a black cat . . . 50 years of wonderfully, elegant, loving, highly intelligent black cats. My husband passed away two years ago (50 great years together) and Licorice, my black cat of the moment, died shortly after as he felt the loss of my wonderful , his human daddy. I am looking for my next black cat right now. I have never had a lovlier cat than a black one, though we have adopted rejects of any color. They are great fur babies. . . hope I hear from someone.

My Delilah was born under my parent’s porch. He mama wasn’t quite sure about the parenting thi g. Delilah is so sweet. Even three years later she sleeps on my chest at nights and snoodles her nose right under my chin..Delilah is so affectionate. She is my little gem!

His personality is just so different and amazing. Sometimes his friendly while at times he wants to be lefy alone. Just love his confidence the way he walks and eats. He reminds me of a sophisticated person.

I think black cats are cute to have as a pet around the house and have a playmate to play with.

The very first cat who ever owned me was this scraggly flea infested black feline who joined our family of 7 kids and 1 black lab.  Midnight was starving and hanging out on our front porch when we came home from some event.  We fed him some bread without my parents knowing, we were little at the time and there is the logic.  Thankfully my parents had the big s on their foreheads and he ruled us for the next 15 years.
  Midnight was one mass of scars from constant fighting but he always came home to me.  We almost lost him one time due to being poisoned.  All of us kids were terrified that he would die and we begged and begged my parents to take him to the vet, not realizing what a financial burden it was for my folks.  They relented because they were just as attached to the little villain as we were.  I have a strong suspicion that my grandparents helped out with the bills to save Midnight.  The funny part was my paternal grandfather was afraid of him.
  Midnight trained our second dog how to act like a cat from: sitting down while eating, chasing and playing with rodents, nd to come home to the electric can opener.  He was one special cat.
  Since Midnight passed away I have always had a huge soft spot for black cats.  Iggy, Auggie, and Dennis have all been black.  Dennis is still with me and comes outside rain or shine to greet me when I get home.  BLACK CATS RULE!

i have 1 black cat i adopted last year my first cat ever and i have no regrets. His name is toshiro and hes such a loving fun mischevous little cat.He helps me keep calm when im stressed out and he always manages to put a smile on my face im thinking of getting him a friend this month another black female.

About a year ago I adopted a tailless (something happened to his tail) black cat from the shelter. I named him Matias. He (usually) loves to be picked up and is always jumping up to sit by me or on me. He has a very sweet disposition and has been a wonderful companion.

Actually, our black cat found me.  She was treated abusively by someone where we lived and decided to get out.  She would walk the grounds looking for the right person.  So many people wanted her, but she would run, until she would see me and come over to roll.  I kept ignoring her for a year or so till I finally said hello.  That was it.  She is an incredible watch dog.  She will growl if something outside makes noise, and one time when I was coming into the living room sat up on my lady’s chest and growled.  She did not know who was coming out!  I have never seen a more intelligent cat.

We just adopted Zephyr; he’s just under a year old now. He’s curious, loving, funny, a bit hyper, sometimes plays rough, and super smart.

I love my cat. Her name is Sammy and she is the sweetiest cat I have ever had. She’s only 6 months old and Ive had her since birth along with her mom and brother and sis. Sammy was the only one that was solid black and the most affectionate. Just love them all:-):-)

I have a little 17 week old black kitty we (my husband) named Stowy. Almost 14 weeks ago I was on my way to the store when I heard a very loud meow coming from the engine compartment. I pulled over and popped the hood to look but couldn’t find her. Ended up driving back home and having my husband come out to help me look. He got out a small extendable mirror and looked around but couldn’t find her either. Finally he pulled the plastic down over the drivers side front tire because that’s where the meow came from and there was a little 4 week old kitten sitting in the wheel well behind the tire. I took her inside to make sure she wasn’t hurt and clean some grease off her head, then put her in a large kennel with a litter box and food and water for the rest of the weekend until I could take her to the Spay Neuter Clinic Tuesday morning. It was memorial weekend so I couldn’t take her till Tuesday,  my Bengal mix Nicky I knew was healthy and didn’t want to risk her catching anything so she was kept separated until I could get FIV and Leukemia testing done to make sure she was healthy. She also had a pretty nasty upper respiratory infection so she got put on antibiotics and kept separated for a couple more weeks. Since she has had all her vaccinations and was spayed 10 days ago. She is one of the most affectionate cats I’ve ever owned. She’s constantly in my lap or doing figure 8’s around my feet as I’m trying to walk. My husband nicknamed her Stowy, short for stowaway because of where I found her, but the name fits because she’s always sneaking under his closet door and getting stuck because she can’t crawl back out, it’s so cute! She’s so affectionate it’s almost annoying because she’s very demanding and always getting in the way. But I absolutely love my new little black kitty and am so glad her and Nicky and our little 7 lb Morkie all get along so well together. I wasn’t sure if Nicky would come around for a while, being 2 1/2 years old she was rather annoyed by the new hyper baby kitty, but has since accepted her.

I have a 1.5 year old black cat named Leo, and he is the coolest and smartest little cat I’ve ever had . He looks like a miniture black panther.

I have a 6 month old kitten named Gallifrey. She is my first black cat in a long line of being owned by cats.
Her mother was a very sweet stray who was abandoned by some idiot neighbors. We took her in, took care of her before and after the kittens were born. We got them all adopted out, including mama, but the whole family agreed that the little black one stayed.
She is beautiful, playful and very loving. I can’t imagine anyone not wanting a black cat. Pity to them.

I just adopted a black cat.  There was a big adoptathon & Oliver was front & center.  Everyone walked right by him & went right to the kittens.  I said if he’s still there at the end I was taking him home.  He was & I did.  Oliver joins his black & white brother.  I love him so much,  he’s a year old & super cuddly.  The people that passed him up don’t know what they missed out on.  Their loss was my gain.  He fit right in like he’d always been here.

What a sweet story, Kim. Thank you so much for sharing with everyone! It sounds like you and Oliver were just meant to be. Happily ever after for you two!

I had many cats and a black cat too, but I miss the black one (Kulu) most. Kulu was most adorable among all the cats we have. He loved me so much that he often tried to go to my school with me. Everyday he awake me at 4 am for my study. We were very happy to have Kulu. He was the hero of our house. His funny doings are always the talk of our house. Sometimes his extra energy awkward ourselves,for instance I can remember once he left a living bird in by bed & was waiting for my appreciation. As well as I often found uneaten rats also. But unfortunately our neighbors killed him by poisoning out of their superstition about black cats…..

My name is John and this is our story. Late one night i was outside getting air. I look out at the parking lot and see a tiny little black beauty leaping over puddles. That made me smile for I love all animals and would take home 1000 of them if I could. I didn’t give it a second thought for a few reasons, namely my wife. She had never had a pet before so I never tried to bring anything home though I was close a few times. Anyway, I went out the next night and there she was again. Again, I let it go although this time she spotted me and was watching me from under a car. I ran upstairs to get some chicken that we had from dinner. Obviously she wouldn’t come to me as she was feral so I tossed the food across the street at her. She just eyed me. The next night at the same time I went down to look for her equipped with more chicken though unfortunately I did not see her I actually waited about 15 minutes and then gave up. It was late. AS I turn to leave I look to my left and as if leaning against the wall,about 5 feet from me, there she is. Looking at me. As if to say hi. I said hello and smiled and approached her a bit but she ran across the street. So I tossed the food to her and after some deliberation she ate. The next night we met again as I would talk to her in a human way and she would look to me like she was understanding it all. So each night I would toss the food a little closer to me. Until I had her next to me, as I knew that once I laid a hand on her, I would be hers. After about 2 weeks I touched her head and that was it, I was hers as it was love at first touch. To make an even longer story short it has been 2 months that I got her up to the apartment and I must say I love her more than most things in this world. My wife, after being petrified, now loves her as much as I do. And, she is the most beautiful cat in the world with eyes like a full yellow moon!

I was always a dog person and about 6 months after my last dog passed I felt like I was ready for a new pet. An ex just so happened to talk me into getting a cat instead, I was hesitant at first, but this little guy(named Kye) has brought me so much joy over the years and I love him to death. He’s a black cat, and he’s the most playful little bugger you’ll ever meet. I got him when he was 8 weeks old and he’s three now, and his personality has not changed a bit since he was a kitten. This black cat has been a blessing to my life.

I have 2 black cats. They are the best. One is tuxedo and she loves everyone!

I had a orange and white cat since i was 4 yrs old. A couple months before my 21st birthday i had to put him done. It was the hardest decision of my life and i cried for months after. He was my best friend and was there for me through everything. I kept questioning myself if i did the right thing. That maybe it wasnt his time, maybe he was just sick with a virus.  But a few months later a became a babysitter for a sing mom who was a vet when i told her about my late cat she explained it sounded like heart disease and when it gets to that there is no going back just worst. She helped me get the feeling in my heart that i did the right thing.
Almost a year later after the passing of my best friend my mom and I went to our local humane society and i came home with a 4 month old black male kitten and he is my baby. I couldnt have asked for a better kitten especially after what o went through with my last. He sleeps with me, follows me where ever i go and is a true
Baby. But he helped me fill a lose i had when my previous cat passed. It wasnt a replacent. I could never do that but i grew up with animals all i knew was taking care of my cat and dog. I heard black cats attach themselves to one person and I’m starting to think its true. All he wants is to be with me. He’ll let my mom hold him and pet him but after awhile if he doesnt see me he was meow like a cry and jump from my mom and cry until i either answer with his name or he finds me. He will jump in my arms or sit at my feet and cry until i can. I love him and couldnt ask for a better kitten!

I love my black cat, Abu Panther, because now I don’t have to eat my cereal alone.

My black female kitten Micki is very loving, gentle, and funny,  a friend gave her to me at 7 weeks old, it took time to adapt for both of us, i would not be without her now, she is amazing.

I adopted a black last spring and like many of the comments I see here, my friends, family and total strangers always tell me how beautiful and majestic he looks. He (Jack) is just over a year old now and although he is mostly an outdoor cat (I live in the farm lands in Northern Utah) He is very loving and very smart. He knows how to let me know when he wants something, when he wants to play, sleep, eat or be outside. I have been around cats most of my life and have to say he definitely stands out, A very loving and smart cat he is :)

I took a black kitten from a friend’s farm. I named him Franklin and he’s the best buddy I’ve ever had. He’s super affectionate and a little dorky. I love him.

I got my first black cat when I was 8. I named him midnight.  He slept with me every night, sat on my lap even in the bathroom and even sat on the edge of the bathtub. Sadly, after 8 years he passed away from feline diabetes.

Recently, my fiancé adopted us a black kitten from the humane society and named him Sammy.  He has a broken tail and a deformed foot. But he is a doll and such a sweet comfort. I don’t understand how people could dislike or be cruel to black cats. They are two of the sweetest cats I’ve ever had!

My black kitty, Fifi, meets me at the front door when I come home. She loves to be in the same room I’m in and follows me through the day. She’s also very chatty and sweet. I got her at a shelter as a 3 month old and she put her paw through the holes in the cardboard carrier they gave us and held on to my hand. She just wants to be close to me. :)

black cats are the best anyone that thinks they are bad luck obviously never even met one and are just believing anything they are told. i have a black cat named midnight and he is the best thing that ever happened to me

In my adult life I’ve always owned a black cat.  My soul mate was a black manx named taxi.  My cat now anomaly is the smartest cat ive ever had.  He knew his name instantly and comes when he is called.  I take excellent care of him which he graciously appreciates by his mannerism.  He even lets me brush his teeth when swaddled.  He loves to be spoken to and he gaurds my property but i have not seen him harm another animal.  He just makes sure the other cats know that hes the boss of his domain.

I was given a black cat from a lady. I didnt mind the color, but later on people would react in a negative way towards the cats color. Very superticious people. But our cat is sweet and smart. We love her. She is very wild. She is beautiful and dodnt care if she is color black. God made black cats too.

I have a black n white female cat I took in 6mos ago from its previous owner who apparently didn’t care for her anymore. At first I questioned if this was the cat for me. She was very quiet furr was a mess and appeared very neglected and mistreated by her prior owner. All she would do is roll around like she was playing patty cake and hide in my kitchen cabinet. She is about 6 years old. She got a needed hair cut and bath. She looked as if she had almost never been given a bath by the prior owner. Soon after she became more life like and we discovered she was also pregnant. After almost 2 months here and naming her “Big MaMa” which she likes, she started to open up and be a more sociable cat. In the months since then she gave birth to 3 kittens only one lived. It looks identical to her and is quite energetic. She has gone from being where she was and living with us has become a well pampered mama cat and is very vocal to get attention and take care of her baby. She is the princess of the house and now I can’t imagine life without this sweet cat we seem to have rescued.

I have two cats, one of which is black and the other is orange. They are both such amazing cats and I love them to death, but I’m going to zoom in on Caesar, the black one.  He is such a sweetie. He will walk through the house meowing for someone to pick him up and give him love! Not only is he super sweet, but he is also beautiful. Some people think black cats are boring and ugly, but I don’t. Their green eyes are encapsulating and their coats are silky and sleek. If you’re thinking about getting a cat, I would defenately recommend a black one!

My cats name is melificant. She is the sweetest cat ever she will cuddle on you and purr and she even sleepers with me

I have two black kitten’s that are 8 months old now.They were raised with an eye dropper and KMR,they were only one day old when rescued. They are the most beautiful kitten’s and are such a sweet addition to our family. Completely indoor only babies, I cant believe how

attached we have become, I think they are sweeter than any cat I’ve ever had. Phantom is sleekly solid black, looks like a little panther and Felix is a tuxedo kitten and is living up to his name, so mischievous!

Hi, as a cat friend and caregiver I have been blessed to have the friendship of a variety of cats for the last 40 years. Usually solid greys, mostly brown tabbies of various patterns a shaded silver and a domestic long haired Tuxedo. These are all feral so I have rescued from my back yard. My Cattery reached 18 in house cats. All of them on a schedule for whole house roaming, lol. This lasted 18 years.  This is my first time with black cats. I have rescued 1 mom (all black) and 3 kittens ( about 6 months old when caught) 2 black brothers and 1 brown tabby sister. It is sometimes strange to only see only gold eyes looking at you. Not their noses or mouths. I sometimes feel I can’t tell what they are thinking because I can’t see their expressions. They are all very playful, running the full legenth of the house constantly. This will be a learning experience for me with these ” new ” house mates. I will add that as feral kittens at 6 months took me 3 weeks to tame and 4 weeks to be able to hold and pick up. The feral mom who is still in a huge crate has had some medical issues, but is now doing well, she took longer to domesticate, but after 4 months is doing quite well is very friendly and purrs and comes to me when she sees me. Thanks for listening.

Hi Mona,

It’s great to hear about your home full of happy cats! Feral and anti-social cats need love, too, so I’m glad they found you. Thanks so much for sharing!

Recently I acquired a black kitten around 7 months old, people were moving and he needed a home. Named him “Merlin,” and he is awesome now that he has bonded with me and his 4 brothers. Black cats are wonderful, go get one.

We adopted we adopted our little ninja, Biggie Smalls from a shelter a year ago. Actually he picked us. His whole demeanour was one of a little fella who had lost his will to go on. However when I reached in to pet him, he seemed to muster up all his energy to convince me of his loving and warm nature. As he purred and rubbed himself against my hand, it was as though he was saying “pick me, pick me! I won’t let you down. I will love you forever and show my gratitude every day of my life.” So we picked him and sure enough, he is the most loving and caring of all our cats. He watches over us when we are sleeping or sick. He knows when you’re feeling a bit down. And not to forget his athletic ninja like qualities! We love that little fella.

We adopted a black and white cat that is so sweet and loving and very much a lap cat. We were the first to adopt a kitten from the litter and we adopted her because she has only one eye and we figured nobody else would adopt her and we felt sorry for her, and sure enough all the other kittens were adopted. Turns out she is the best cat we ever had and we love our little Princess (her name)

I have a black cat named Mr. Midnight HES RLLY FAT I mean srsly I can’t pick him up he’s skittish and he’s smart tho

I love black cats… prefer them as room mates to any other kind. A shout out to my beloved Jack, who just passed away. An all-black cat whose eyes were mesmerizing, and who could avoid being seen just like the ninja. What a gentleman he was, and my best friend. His personality was awesome (and is still, wherever he is!). I like to think of him as a mini panther. You are missed and loved, my little Wackadoo!

I have two cats. One black as night. And he is my LOVE. I love black already so Jackson perfect here. He is way bigger than my other cat so I joke around and call him a panther sometimes

i dont have a black have a black cat but i seen one they are the best get one

I have a Beautiful Black cat named Hambone.. His name is fitting to his temperament - he’s a big ham! A lap cat, if I’m sitting down he is persistent to lay in my lap! I also have a Taby cat and my black cat is more eager to please, more affectionate… He actually is more intelligent but that may not be to being black? I adopted him 3 years ago and so happy he is in my life!
Also, which is adorable, he knows how to knock on the door to let me know he wants in!!!

I’ve had numerous cats throughout my life. Two of which were black. And those two r my favorites. For some reason they seem to be much more intelligent than the others.

This is a very nice article. I’ve known several black cats in my lifetime of over 50 years. Without doubt, the black kitties that I’ve known or owned have been very special…extremely friendly and outgoing, gentle and very loving. I’ve owned all sorts - tabbies, greys, tuxedos and gingers, and I’ve loved them all, but the black cats truly stand out. One ebony feline that I am proud to say was a friend, was feral and would haunt our neighborhood and show up in our front lawn, bloodied from many fights. We could never get close to him - we called him Pyewacket… just because - when he first showed up we put out dry food and some water, and after that whenever he needed to recuperate he came to us and we’d put out the food and water. He’d disappear for weeks to months and then show up. Years into knowing him he brought his “wife” and tiny kittens to our yard for safety. It was about 106 degrees outside (in So Cal) and they were all panting from the heat. Seeing cats pant is just weird. Out came more water and more dry food! We wound up adopting 3 of the kittens and finding homes for mama and the other 2 babies. All were fixed by us, except the Pye. He was a true wild boy and we couldn’t catch him. I’m sure now he’s in kitty heaven. But he was incredibly special to us, super smart and he was a wonderful father to those kittens. They’d roll and play in our front yard and we felt so privileged to share that with them. I honestly didn’t know that a “father” cat would act like that with his kittens. It taught me a lot. One of his five babies was pure black, like him, and was my special boy for many years - the only cat I’ve ever known who would literally “hold hands” with me. Black cats are a treasure (all cats are, but I am very partial to the black beauties.) Thanks for this great article! :)

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