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Dog Collars: A Clear and Present Danger

Collar Safety Awareness for the Dogs You Love By Tenney Mudge, Inventor of the KeepSafe® Collar  

Have you ever had a passing thought and asked yourself "how safe is the collar I'm putting around my dog’s neck?" Have you ever wondered “how dangerous it would be if my dog’s collar ever became caught on something?” The sad fact is that many dog owners find out the answers to these questions when it is too late.

Collar accidents occur on a regular basis under the most normal and careful of circumstances with every type of conventional collar. National Animal Safety and Protection Month helps us to highlight how we can protect our dogs from senseless and devastating collar accident tragedies throughout the year. My own dog, Chinook, lost his life when he was strangled by his rolled leather buckle collar. 

Chinook was the love of my life.  For 9 years our bonds grew strong until one day, in an instant,  the collar I put on Chinook to keep him safe, became snagged, twisted and took his life instead. A common characteristic of collar accident is that they begin suddenly and end tragically. Collar accidents occur in the backyard or inside the home in our dog’s safe environment.  Collars can and do become snagged on fences, crates, furniture, cabinet knobs, deck boards, and vegetation to name a few.  

Collars getting caught on fences is a common cause of strangulation. 

The number one most common and fatal collar accident is when two dogs become entangled while they are neck biting in play.  The jaw or tooth of one dog slips under the collar of the other and becomes caught.  In the dog’s panic to get free the collar twists and begins to strangle one dog and cause injury to the jaw of the other.  One moment a dog is happy and playing and the next moment the life is being strangled from him. 

Multiple-dog households are in particular danger of this terrifying ordeal. The KeepSafe® Break-Away Collar, invented through years of research following Chinook’s death, provides dog owners a high-quality solution to protect and safely collar their beloved dogs every day. The KeepSafe Collar has a patented breakaway buckle that is designed to release for safety to free your dog from danger if the collar has been snagged.  

This is vital to prevent strangulation because the majority of collar accidents involve an almost immediate twisting of the collar preventing a dog from slipping out of the collar.  The KeepSafe Collar is user friendly and dual purpose by design.  Dog owners can securely walk their dogs with the KeepSafe Collar by snapping their leash into the double D rings which overrides the breakaway buckle.

The breakaway buckle has D rings on each side which can be clipped together with a leash to make sure the dog doesn't break away on walks. Many collar accidents occur when people are not home or are not close by to try and save their dog when an accident suddenly occurs.  The KeepSafe Collar is the one “peace-of mind” collar that will release for safety and protect your dog if dog owners are home or not.

Question the safety of your dog’s collar, listen to your gut feelings and be proactive to protect your dog from a very clear and present danger of collar strangulation accidents.

For more information about the KeepSafe Collar, check out our website which contains an informative video:  KeepSafe Collar

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So pleased to find this advice after one of our two 11 month old labrador puppies nearly died today. Exactly as described, his sister got her entire lower jaw stuck in the adjustment loop of his collar and because the canine teeth are so long she was completely trapped. As she twisted - trying to escape - her brother screamed like we have never heard and started to pass out through strangulation. His collar was so tight we were unable to even slide a scissor blade under in order to cut the collar. Eventually the sister slipped out of the loop causing some (fortunately minor) damage to her gums and jaw and all was OK. Had we not been there to hold and calm them, her brother would have been dead in a matter of minutes. We definitely will not be using traditional collars again.

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