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Why Do Dogs Eat Cat Poop? 10 Ways to Help Them Stop

Why Do Dogs Eat Cat Poop? 10 Ways to Help Them Stop

By PetSafe Guest

Dogs are known to eat poop (coprophagia) from most any animal because it tastes good to them and is packed with protein. It also has nutritional value because cats and other critters don’t always completely process their food. But your dog can ingest parasites when eating cat poop so it’s a good...

Training Collars: a Vet Gives You the Pros and Cons of Different Types

What’s the Best Dog Training Collar for You? The Pros and Cons of Different Dog Collars

By Tony Johnson

Trying to find the best training collar is not as easy as it may seem. Searching this subject online will likely turn up a wide variety of opinions and make the choice even more confusing. To help you navigate finding the best dog training collar, we’re going to explore a few different types of...

Dog in Yard

Dog Training: How to Use a Remote Trainer to Teach 4 Basic Commands

By Mike Shafer

Remote trainers can be used to correct bad behaviors such as digging in the trash, chewing and barking. They can also be used to teach your dog good behaviors. Here are 4 easy commands your dog can learn quickly using a remote trainer.“Sit”This easy behavior can be taught very quickly, and you can...


Ultrasonic Bark Control Collar: What Did the Research Tell Us?

By PetSafe Guest

We all want our homes to be peaceful and we don’t want our dog’s behavior to reflect poorly on us as owners.As the leading producer of bark control solutions, we understand the many frustrations surrounding excessive barking. From apartment dwellers who need to keep noise under control to yard dogs...

Why Neuter a Dog? The health and behavior benefits

Why Neuter a Dog? The health and behavior benefits

By Jim Tedford

Would you like to minimize or prevent some serious health and behavior problems for your dog? Veterinarians encourage pet owners to have their pup spayed or neutered at an early age, usually around 4-6 months. In fact, one of the first questions a pet insurance company will ask applicants is...

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Can You Train a Dog to Stop Barking at House Guests?

By Amy Shojai

Barking is a normal part of canine communication but it’s not always an inviting sound to visitors. Your dog’s verbal expressions can be frustrating and even scary to anyone not used to their barking. To quieten the noise, especially when your dog is around others, we must first understand why dogs...

Why is Your Dog Barking?

Why is Your Dog Barking?

By PetSafe Guest

Barking is a way dogs tell us they are hungry or thirsty, need some love, or want to go outside and play. They can also alert us to potential security threats or intruders. If we can interpret a dog barking sound, it helps us to distinguish between nuisance barking and when our dog is trying to...