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Four Paws Handbook

Four Paws Handbook

The Four Paws: Handbook for a Pet-Friendly Community is a resource guide for the people in our community who love pets. We’ve shared useful tips and articles for every dog and cat owner. We hope the information in this handbook helps you keep your pet healthy and happy.

The handbook was created by groups in the East Tennessee community dedicated to animal welfare. The principle authors are:

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Articles by This Author

lost pets
What to Do If You Find a Lost Pet

So you’ve rescued a lost cat or dog. Congratulations for helping an animal in distress! Someone out there is frantically searching for a beloved pet. Follow these steps to give them both a happy ending.

how to find pet-friendly apartment
Renting with Pets

Most of us have been tenants at some point in our lives and know the challenge of a “no pets allowed” rental policy. Finding a rental house or apartment for both you and your pet can take time and effort. If you plan ahead for your move, understand your landlord’s point of view, and equip your cat or dog with a resume (yes, a resume), the search for a new home can be easier.

Does Your Pet Wear a Seat Belt?

The use of seat belts has dramatically reduced the number of people injured or killed in car crashes. But what about the four-legged potential projectile riding in the back seat of your car, or worse, perched in the front seat like a person? Is it really okay for your dog to hang his head out the window or for your cat to ride on your shoulder?

How to Choose a Boarding Kennel
How to Choose a Boarding Kennel

With holiday travels just around the corner, now's the time to start thinking about where to board your pet if you need to leave your dog or cat home. Use these questions and tips to help make the experience stress-free for you and your pet.

How to Choose the Right Trainer

Sometimes you need to leave it to the professionals. When you're not sure of the best way to train your dog, make sure you pick the right trainer or behaviorist.

Keeping Your Pet Healthy

Keep your best friend healthy and happy with these valuable health tips.