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Hank Champion

Hank Champion

Hank Champion is a copywriter for PetSafe® and lives near the PetSafe® headquarters in Knoxville, Tennessee. He has a bachelor’s degree in design, art and illustration from Auburn University and previous experience working with advertising agencies as an art director and copywriter. Hank has a deep love for all animals and regards them as some of the best people he knows. Through the course of his life, he’s had 5 dogs, 1 cat, who was his most recent pet of 17.5 years, a parrot, cockatiel, parakeets, a leopard gecko, white rat, gerbil, mouse, sea monkeys, salt and tropical freshwater fish and an octopus. He is currently the uncle of 3 dogs: a Basset Hound named Winnie, a very sweet American Staffordshire Terrier called Rebel and a mixed breed dog named Yogi. When not at work, Hank enjoys writing stories and creating children’s books. His most recent pet, Fred The Cat, can be seen in a book he illustrated and co-wrote called “If Your Monster Wears Pajamas.”

Articles by This Author

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