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PetSafe Pet Author

Jessie McDowell

Jessie McDowell

Jessie and her German Shepherd, Moose, work in the PetSafe® Marketing department. Jessie is responsible for PetSafe content including the blog, social media, ads, and product info.

Moose is an expert at chewing, taking naps, and playing with every dog in the office.

Articles by This Author

Holiday House Rules for Dogs & Cats
Holiday House Rules for Dogs & Cats

With the holidays approaching and visitors making holiday plans to come over, you might be worried about guests dropping food on the floor or leaving doors open. While your pets are practicing their best hungry faces for begging, you can prepare for holiday traffic by printing this handy list of guest guidelines for your dog or cat. Fill it out with info guests should know about your pet. Send a copy to relatives who you'll be visiting, too.

thanksgiving foods for pets
What Can You Share with Your Pet This Thanksgiving?

Our friends at Dogster put out a great infographic this week on the things you can and cant share under the table with your furry friend. Share this with your family and friends to make sure you keep Fido safe this Thanksgiving season.

National Pet Day
The 10 Best Ways to Celebrate National Pet Day

Treat yourself and your pet with our top 10 activities to celebrate your pet on National Pet Day.

Trigger's Weight Loss Journey
Trigger’s Weight Loss Journey

It’s sometimes hard to recognize when your pet is overweight. You see them every day and may not notice the gradual change that takes place in their appearance until you’re standing at the veterinarian’s office, embarrassed. That’s what happened to me and my boxer, Trigger.

Training Your Dog with Treats

It's easy to teach your dog new tricks and better obedience with treats. Just give your dog a treat when he does what you want and add a command.

cat proofing
How to Cat-Proof Your Home

How do you keep cats from scratching furniture, jumping on counters, or getting in off-limits rooms?

diy cat ideas
DIY Simple Life Hacks for Cats

Check out these DIY cat-friendly upgrades that make it easy to take care of your cat. Learn how to easily make your own hidden litter box or repurposed crate cat bed.

How to Train Your Pet to Use a Containment System
How to Train Your Pet to Use a Containment System

Follow these 5 easy steps to teach your pet to stay in your yard. Boundary training is fun and easy with 10-minute training sessions every day for 2 weeks.

vicktory dogs
Dog’s Best Day: Cherry the Vicktory Dog’s Story

Cherry is a Vicktory dog rescued from horrific circumstances in a dog-fighting ring. Best Friends Animal Society helped rehabilitate these dogs. Cherry is now a perfect family dog who gives back by teaching young children in schools about compassion and animal rescue! For that, and the incredible journey Cherry took, we gave him the best day of his life. Watch Cherry cuddle with kittens, get a day at the beach, get treated to snacks and pampering, and even more surprises!

easy walk harness headcollar
Is a Harness or Headcollar Right for Your Dog?

Is the Easy Walk® Harness or the Gentle Leader® Headcollar the right walking tool for your dog? Watch this video comparison to find an easier way to walk your dog.

pet fountains
Hydration Month Is Back

Learn how to keep your pet healthy and hydrated.

Prevent Animal Cruelty
Help Prevent Animal Cruelty

How can you help prevent cruelty to animals?

PetSafe photo contest
Enter the Love Your Pet Day Photo Sweepstakes

Enter your pet's photo for a chance to win free toys for a year! Today's your last chance to enter!

How Can Your Last-Minute Holiday Shopping Help Shelter Pets?

Still have a few gifts left on your shopping list? We've got the perfect gift ideas for the pets and pet lovers left on your list. The best part? You'll be helping spread some holiday cheer to pets in need. For every gift purchased from our Naughty or Nice Pet Present Guide, we'll donate a toy to an animal shelter.

Preventing Pet Holiday Accidents

Keep your home and your pets safe this holiday season with pet proofing mats, barriers, and sprays.

Interview with Inventor of KeepSafe® Collar

Learn how one dog's tragedy led to the invention of a safety collar that has saved thousands of dogs.

What Kind of Cat Parent Are You?

Do you have long conversations with your cat? Try to do activities together like yoga? Check out this "crazy" cat mom. I bet you'll have a lot in common.

Announcing the 2015 Bark For Your Park Winners!

Check out the top dogs in the 2015 contest to win a dog park for your community!

Meet the Bark For Your Park 2015 Finalists!

Watch our finalists' awesome videos! Who will win a dog park for their community? Find out on July 31st!

Unexpected Fountain Tips

Do you feel guilty when you spot your pet's empty water dish? Fill 'er up with fresh, filtered water. Read on for tips on keeping your pet healthy and your pet fountain in tip top shape.

Bark for Your Park Phase 2

Your town has been working to build votes and rally the community around the contest to win a local dog park. What comes next for Phase 2?

Don’t Forget to Bark for Your Park

Having trouble remembering to vote for your city every day? Download our doggy phone, desktop, and tablet backgrounds as your daily reminder to vote!

Get Ready for Bark for Your Park 2015

Over 54 million homes have dogs, but not all of these dogs have a place for these dogs to just be dogs. That's why every year, we help 5 communities build dog parks with our annual Bark for Your Park contest.

PetSafe Culture

We get to bring our dogs to work every day and help over 2 million pet families every year. Get to know the people and pets who make PetSafe Brand a great place to work!

New Research about the Simply Feed™ Pet Feeder

Every product we create is designed with pets and their parents in mind, so in 2014, we conducted an In-Home Usage Test (IHUT) for the Healthy Pet Simply Feed™. Our testers gave us some great feedback.

Benefits of an Automatic Pet Feeder

Does your pet wake you up in the morning for breakfast? Do you feel guilty when you can’t feed your pet on time? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, an automatic pet feeder can help you feel like a better pet parent.

pet photos
Love Your Pet Day: Photo Contest Winners

We had multiple entries to our “Share the Love Photo Contest,” and each one had a unique story. Here are our winners, as chosen by random drawings.

Fresh Facts about Pet Dental Health

How much does a pet teeth cleaning costs? Do you know all of the signs of periodontal disease? Save money and save your pet's teeth with these facts about dental disease.

health benefits of walking dog
Tips to Continue Your Fit New Year

With the Fit 15 challenge ending and spring slowly emerging, it is our hope that you will continue your healthy habit. For additional inspiration, we have a few tips and tricks to help you along the way.

Walk Your Dog: 14 Health Benefits of Walking

Need some motivation to walk your dog? Check out these great health reasons to walk your dog. 

Introducing the PetSafe Fit 15 Challenge

The PetSafe Fit 15 Challenge just began, and there's still time to join! All it takes is 15 minutes of walking or playing with your dog and you can be on your way to a fit lifestyle your pet will love! Check out our challenge, print out your calendar, and get fit in 2015!

PetSafe Learn
Participate in the PetSafe Fit 15 Challenge and Win!

The PetSafe Fit 15 Challenge is our way of encouraging you to stay active with your dog. Each day in January, enter a different challenge to win prizes and have fun.

Clicker Training Your Dog

Teach your dog better behavior with clicker training. Watch this step-by-step video on how to clicker train your dog.

3 Easy Steps to Being ScoopFree

Hate cleaning your cat's litter box? Sick of smelling the litter box everywhere in your home? Learn how to ditch the pooper scooper with a ScoopFree automatic litter box.

Protect Your Pet from Holiday Hazards

Pet proof your home for the holiday to keep your pets and your home safe from harm.

Cold Weather is Here! Prepare Your Containment System and Pet Door

As winter sneaks up on us, our product experts put together a few tips to keep your containment system flawless and your pet door air-tight for cold weather.

At PetSafe, We Are Thankful for Pets

We recently held a “Thankful for Pets” contest on social media asking pet parents to submit a photo along with a caption telling why they’re thanking for their pet(s), and we just couldn’t get enough!

pet fountains
Inspiration Boards: Himalayan Blue Fountain

Last month, we held a Pin to Win contest on Pinterest. Entrants were to create a home design board with our new Himalayan Blue Drinkwell® Pagoda Fountain as the inspiration piece for their...

Pet Friendly Winter Getaways
Pet-Friendly Winter Getaways

Looking for a holiday getaway but not sure what to do with your pet while you’re gone? We’ve found 5 pet friendly vacations for you and your four-legged family member this winter.

Hit the Refresh Button This Fall!

Here are a few fall freshening tips for around the house that not only benefit you, but your four-legged family members, too.

What Is Your Dog Saying to You?

What does it mean when your dog yaps repeatedly or yelps once? Learn "dog speak" with these 10 translated barks.

Thanksgiving for Your Furry Family

Thanksgiving with pets doesn't have to be stressful. Get tips on keeping pets and people safe.

Keep Your Cat Safe This Halloween

Halloween is a fun-filled holiday for children and adults, however, for a cat it can be a stressful and dangerous holiday. Keep your furry friend safe and calm with these tips.

How the Himalayan Blue Came to Be

The Himalayan Blue Drinkwell Pagoda Fountain was featured in the 2014 DIY Network™ Blog Cabin serie. Not only was it featured in the Blog Cabin series, but since it was the people’s choice against Taupe, we made it out newest fountain color, available for purchase now!

How to Trick or Treat with Your Dog

To bring your pet on the door-to-door candy mission, it's going to take planning, patience, and definitely coordinating costumes. Read our tips for trick or treating with your dog.

Fourth Annual PetSafe K9 Cancer Walk

Every story of cancer and cancer survival is unique. Our 2014 walk was led by a very special guest named Ella.

keep pets busy
Balancing Football Season and Your Furry Friends

With all the hustle and bustle of a new start for your favorite team, it may be easy to forget your furry friend waiting at home. Don’t let your best bud’s care fall by the wayside as you get busy.

House Train at Any Age

You don't have to live with yellow spots on your carpet or coming home to accidents. Teach your pet better potty manners whether he's 3 months or 13 years.

The Making of a Most Pet Friendly Community

 In 2011, Knoxville was chosen as the most pet friendly community in the Southeast by Dog Fancy magazine, and we have been working to defend our title ever since. Going to the dogs in your...

Pet Hydration Month

Does your pet have a drinking problem? Your pet is at risk of dehydration during extreme heat. Get the facts during National Hydration Month.

Salute to Service Dogs!

What do service dogs do? How do they help people in their everyday lives?

How to Fetch a Dog Park!

Win a new dog park with these Bark For Your Park tips.

Throwing the Best Birthday Pawty Ever

Celebrate your pet's birthday or adoption day with barkday cake and a pawesome party!

Training Your Dog with Treats Is Easy

Give your dog a command and then give him a treat. Sounds easy, right? Learn how to teach your dog new tricks in no time!

Prep For Your Pup!

You're bringing home a new puppy! Congratulations! Check off these items on your pupy prepper checklist.

Keeping Your Dog Healthy All Year

What food should I feed my dog? How often should my pup go to the vet? Get answers to your top dog care FAQs.

New Dog on the Block: PetSafe Welcomes Moose

Moose and I are loving our new job at PetSafe. He loves going to work, and I love seeing him have fun with all of the PetSafe products.

holiday pet proofing
Pet Proof Your Holidays: Avoid Common Yuletide Hazards

Keep your pet on Santa's nice list by removing these dangerous yet common holiday items in your home.