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Julie Albright MA DVM DACVB

Julie Albright MA DVM DACVB

Dr. Albright is a veterinarian and one of 65 board-certified veterinary behaviorists in the US. Her duties as an assistant professor include consulting with families to help improve companion animal behavior problems and teaching vet students about animal behavior. As the PetSafe® Chair of Small Animal Behavioral Research at the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Albright also conducts research into the causes and best treatments for problem behaviors in companion animals.

Dr. Albright received a Master’s degree in Animal Behavior and DVM from the University of Tennessee before completing a residency in Animal Behavior at Cornell University CVM. Her current research interests include behavioral development and documenting the effects of stress and reducing stressors in animal facilities. Dr. Albright along with members of the University of Tennessee’s Human-Animal Bond in Tennessee (HABIT) team are also researching the benefits of animal-assisted activities and the welfare of therapy animals. 

When not working, Dr. Albright enjoys spending time with her family and pets. Dr. Albright has passed the horse-bug onto her daughter and they fill most of their free time in horse-related activities these days.

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