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Michael K. Shafer

Michael K. Shafer

Mike has been a dog trainer with PetSafe® Village for 5 years and has helped people meet behavior goals with a wide range of training methods. He has vast experience using reward based training, such as clicker and treat training, remote training collars, and problem behavior solving. This allows him to not only address the issues his clients have, but do so using a method that makes the most sense for both the client and the pet.

Mike currently offers private lessons and the “PetSafe Unleashed” board-n-train program. In addition to his role as a dog trainer he also heads the community outreach team at PetSafe Village. The program focuses on educating children of all ages about responsible pet ownership and bite prevention.

Mike began his training career by attending Animal Behavior College while he was transitioning out of the Marine Corps. After the formal training, he conducted an internship with a local animal behaviorist. Mike joined Radio Systems Corporation and advanced his education in dog behavior by attending the DOGS course at Purdue University and has attended various Association of Pet Dog Trainers conferences. 

Mike and his family enjoy the company of a terrier mix named Arnie, a German Shepherd named Jiri, and a English Bulldog named Matilda.

Articles by This Author

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At last, summer is in full swing! Lake days, vacations, and day trips with the kids are all now the norm. And the best part is that so many places are now dog friendly so you can bring Fido along. With all of this extra time, activity, and heat we must keep one thing in mind: hydration. This goes for both two and four legged family members.

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