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PetSafe Pet Author

Roslyn McKenna

Roslyn McKenna

At PetSafe® brand’s Knoxville headquarters, Roslyn McKenna is a Web Content Specialist.

Roslyn comes from a family of animal lovers and has a B.A. in Writing/Communications from Maryville College.

She has volunteered with various animal rescues in Tennessee and South Carolina. Roslyn currently shares her home with 4 cats and 1 dog.

Articles by This Author

Cat Adoption 101
Cat Adoption 101

By Roslyn Ayers, PetSafe Web Content Specialist Roslyn adopted Lily because she meowed louder than any cat in the room. Why did you choose your pet? It’s kitten season, and all across the...

laser cat toys
Playing with Laser Cat Toys

When you break out the laser pointer in front of a cat, you’re sure to see twitching tails, dilated eyes, and darting paws. Most cats love to chase the laser across the house, over furniture, and up the walls. Why do cats love that little red dot so much?

Service Dog FAQs

Service dogs aren't just for the blind. Learn about service dogs and how difficult it is to train or receive a service dog.

Clicker Training Raptors & Other Animals

You might be surprised to learn you can clicker train almost any animal, from mice, chickens, and butterflies to velociraptors.

Training Your Cat to Use a Containment System

Can you train your cat to stay in your yard? You bet! Let your cat explore the yard safely with an in-ground cat fence. Follow these easy steps to train your cat in as little as 2 weeks.

5 DIY Cat Toys in 5 Minutes

With all of the leftover wrapping and boxes lying around from opening presents, now’s the perfect time to make some new cat toys. It’s like a second Christmas for your cat!

Celebrating Seniors: 5 FAQs About Older Cats

Get answers to frequently asked questions about your cat’s golden years.

7 Reasons We Love Shelter Cats & 3 Ways You Can Help Them

They're loveable, great at parties, and keep you healthy. Let's celebrate how awesome cats are. 

Teach Your Dog With a Treat Dispenser

You give a command, your pet gets a treat. Sounds easy, right?

ScoopFree® Ultra Litter Box Review

The ScoopFree Ultra Litter Box is the newest addition to my cats’ bathrooms in the hallways closets. It’s great for keeping the cats happy without having to scoop their boxes as often.

Adventures in Fostering Cats

The best reason to become a foster pet parent is all the great animals you’ll meet along the way. Meet a few of the foster kitties I've loved.

Dog Restaurant Etiquette

Does your dog have good under-the-table manners? Emily Post has nothing on PetSafe!

Breed All About It: Persians & Exotic Shorthairs

Why do so many people love flat-faced cats and all of the snoring, snorting, and wheezing that comes along with their tiny noses?

What Is Your Cat Trying to Tell You?

"I slow blink you" in cat speak translates to "I love you" in human speak. What else can you learn from your cat's body language?

New Tricks for the New Year

Start your dog’s training with these 2 new tricks to teach your dog for the new year.

Top 5 Cat Gift Ideas

How do you pick out a holiday gift for the cat who has everything?

Pet Holiday Gifts

By Roslyn McKenna, PetSafe Web Content Specialist Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming up, and I’m starting to create my Christmas lists for my friends, family and pets. My family’s...

Feline Freedom Is the Best Gift on National Cat Day

Learn how to give your cat more freedom with a harness, fence, or cat run. We'll walk you through the steps to turning a dog kennel into a cat enclosure!

New Uses for Pet Doors with Cats and Dogs
New Uses for Pet Doors with Cats and Dogs

By Roslyn McKenna When I first got my dog, Doc, my cats were furious. While they don’t exactly enjoy his company now, they tolerate having him in the house now and have mostly pleasant...

In-Ground Fences Are for Cats, too!

By Roslyn McKenna, PetSafe Web Content Specialist Cats are curious creatures who like to be involved with everything. My cats hang out by the windows and doors to keep an eye on what’s...

Responsible Pet Ownership: Dealing with Your Pet's Bad Habits

By Roslyn Ayers, PetSafe Web Content Specialist “Your dog is a jerk,” my husband said to me as we were cleaning up the mess Doc had left us. While we were at the grocery store, Doc had...

diy dog grooming
DIY Dog Grooming Basics

My dog Doc is a fluffy pup, so he gets dirty very quickly. His legs, belly, and beard pick up dirt and water easily. I decided to groom him myself at home rather than take him to the groomer. Here are some things I learned about do-it-yourself dog grooming and bathing.

How We Made Doc a Star with Clicker Training

By Roslyn McKenna, PetSafe Web Content Specialist With a face like this, who wouldn't cast Doc to star in their commercials? My dog Doc was recently chosen to be the star of several...

Can’t We All Just Get Along? Getting Dogs & Cats to Live Happily Ever After

By Roslyn Ayers, PetSafe Web Content Specialist When I first considered bringing a dog into our all-cat home, the first thing I was worried about was getting the cats used to a dog. None of...

Solve Your Cat’s Litter Box Problem

By Roslyn McKenna, PetSafe® Web Content Specialist Cats are some of the easiest pets to care for: they don’t need baths, potty breaks, or expensive toys (especially when they’ve got...

holiday pet proofing
Pet Holiday Survival Guide

With 4 adventurous cats and 1 clumsy dog, there’s always a mess somewhere in our house. Add holiday decorations, lots of food, and out of town guests, and we have the potential for some big problems! That’s why I’ve asked created this list of holiday pet proofing advice to help you and your family, furry or otherwise, survive and actually enjoy the holiday season.

puppy mills
The Problem with Puppy Mills

As a volunteer, foster parent, board member, and former employee for Agape Animal Rescue of Nashville, Tennessee, Kirsten Floyd has had plenty of experience with saving animals. Like most animal rescue organizations, Agape has dealt with their share of puppy mill busts. That’s why I asked her to enlighten me about what a puppy mill is and how to avoid them.

black cats
13 Reasons to Love Black Cats

You’ve heard the superstitions about black cats being unlucky, right? With Halloween coming up, I wanted to remind everyone of how silly those superstitions are and how awesome black cats really are. Let’s look at some reasons why you shouldn’t judge cats by the color of their fur.

how to train your cat
How to Train a Cat

Roslyn has been training her cat, Lily, with the Clicker. Read on to learn about her experience and how you can train your kitty.

how to foster pets
A Beginner’s Guide to Fostering Pets

Roslyn is an expert foster parent. Read her tips to become a pro yourself.

8 Reasons Why You Should Foster Animals

Roslyn has fostered several cats in addition to adopting the 4 she has in her forever home. By Roslyn Ayers, PetSafe Web Content Specialist Fostering animals is, simply put, saving lives....

Cat Therapy: Why Pets Are Good for Your Health

By Roslyn Ayers, PetSafe Web Content Specialist There are so many reasons why cats are amazing pets. They’re the perfect low-maintenance companions. Besides giving you something to talk...

All Pets are Special: Living with Disabled Pets

By Roslyn Ayers, PetSafe Web Content Specialist Roslyn and her kitty, Lily.By Roslyn Ayers, PetSafe Web Content Specialist As a pet parent, you’ve taken on the wonderful responsibility of...

The Truth about Hairballs

By Roslyn Ayers, PetSafe Web Content Specialist Roslyn loves Lilly, who rarely has hairballs. She initially thought her three other persians might have her cleaning up furballs all over the...

The Betty Crocker School for Pet Treats

By Roslyn Ayers, PetSafe Web Content Specialist Gourmet pet treats are popping up everywhere from bakeries and local pet stores to specialty pet sites. March is Nutrition Month, but we hope...

How Healthy Are Your Pet’s Teeth?

By Roslyn Ayers, PetSafe Web Content Specialist Your dentist tells you to brush your teeth 2-3 times a day, right? Your pet’s teeth are no different. How white is your pet’s smile? Are you...

Warning: Your Pet’s Teeth Could Be Disintegrating

By Roslyn Ayers, PetSafe Web Content Specialist Many people wonder if their pets really need to have their teeth cleaned. Some wonder if it’s only dogs or older pets that do. The answer is...

5 Frequently Asked Questions about the Litter Box

By Roslyn McKenna, PetSafe® Brand Web Content Specialist Waste management is important to all types of pets, but cats can be exceptionally tricky with managing a litterbox. Don't worry,...