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Stacy N. Hackett

Stacy N. Hackett

Stacy N. Hackett writes frequently about a variety of pet-themed topics, with an emphasis on cat-related subjects. A member of the Cat Writers’ Association and a recipient of several CWA Certificates of Excellence, she enjoys writing about the many different cat breeds and is particularly fond of the Cornish Rex. Her articles have appeared in Catster, CAT FANCY, Cats USA, Kittens 101, Ferrets USA, Critters USA, Rabbits USA, Bird Talk, Ponds USA, and Pet Product News, among other pet magazines.

Stacy has more than 25 years’ experience in the pet industry. She is the former editor of Pet Product News and the founding editor of Critters USA and Cats USA magazines, and has helped produce many issues of CAT FANCY, Ferrets USA, and Rabbits USA. Stacy also has many years of writing and editing experience in several technical domains, including aerospace engineering and telecommunications.

One of Stacy's fondest memories of working in the pet industry is the first cat show she attended in 1991, where she first fell in love with the Cornish Rex breed. She adopted her first Cornish Rex cat, a pet quality red and white tabby male named Jordan, just a few months later. While all her cats are special, Jordan will forever hold a dear place in her heart.

Stacy earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism from California State University, Long Beach, with an emphasis in public relations and a minor in computer studies. She lives in Southern California with 2 adorable domestic shorthair cats: a mischievous gray and white male named Phillip and a sweet red tabby named Jack.

Articles by This Author

Outdoor Outings with Your Dog
Outdoor Outings with Your Dog

After a long, cold winter, you may be looking forward to spending some time outside this spring. Before you head out the door to enjoy the nicer weather, consider these 10 ways your dog can...

Protecting Your Pet's Teeth
Protecting Your Pet’s Teeth

To highlight the importance of oral health care in our cats and dogs, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) sponsors National Pet Dental Health Month every February. You can help...

Why do Cats Love Laser Toys?
Why do Cats Love Laser Toys?

The little red light races across the floor, up the side of the couch, and across the cushions, pausing for a moment, then taking off in a different direction. And racing right behind it is...

Breed All About It: Siamese and Abyssinian
Breed All About It: Siamese and Abyssinian

Siamese When it comes to distinctive good looks, the Siamese stands out among his feline cousins. Dark spots of color on his face, ears, feet and tail, combined with bright blue eyes and a...

cat health care
Cats 101: Basic Health & Care Tips to Keep Your Cat Healthy

How often do you take your cat to the veterinarian? In observance of National Cat Health Month, we want to remind you that even if your cat does not appear to be sick, preventative care is important.

How to Help Animals in Your Community
How to Help Animals in Your Community

The images that have flashed across our televisions, laptops, and smart phones the past few months have been vivid and dramatic--dogs standing in spreading floodwaters at a Houston area...

What should I do if I find a lost pet
What should I do if I find a lost pet

Picture this: you're out for a walk around your neighborhood when you see a dog trotting down the sidewalk by himself. The stray dog seems friendly and well-behaved, but he is obviously away...

How Often Should I Bathe My Dog?
How Often Should I Bathe My Dog?

Does your dog seem to go out of his way to roll in every inviting mud puddle that comes his way? Or does he care for himself meticulously, with all his fur perfectly in place? Your dog's...

Pet Therapy. Pets Helping People Suffering from Depression.
Pet Therapy. Pets Helping People Suffering from Depression.

You've had a bad day at work, and you're spoiling for a fight with someone, anyone. You walk in the back door after a long commute, and your dog runs to greet you, wagging his tail and almost...

7 Ways to Prevent Hairballs
7 Tips to Prevent Hairballs

Because of the backward pointing barbs on a cat's tongue, the grooming action causes a cat to swallow a lot of dead hair. If the hair collects in the cat's digestive system more rapidly than the cat can naturally pass it, the hair often comes back up in the form of the slimy hairballs. Obviously, long haired cats are more likely to experience hairballs than their short haired cousins. Luckily, you can take some steps to help prevent hairballs--or at least decrease their frequency.

Dispelling Myths About Static Correction
Dispelling Myths About Static Correction

Sometimes your pet dog needs a little help overcoming a behavior that can be dangerous, such as rushing out onto a busy street, or annoying, such as jumping up on visitors. Consistent training can help your dog stop bad habits and learn new behaviors, and this training can be enhanced by static correction.

Cat Kiss
Cleaning Your Cat’s Teeth

Did you know that February is National Pet Dental Health Month, sponsored by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)? Now is the perfect time to schedule your cat's dental cleaning with your vet. You can also take steps at home to maintain your cat's dental health.

cat health care
9 Ways to Keep Your Cat in Top Health

Paying close attention to your health helps you find problems before they start. You schedule a regular checkup with your doctor, watch what you eat, and exercise regularly. You also notice if something isn't quite right and follow up with t trip to the doctor. All of these steps contribute to your overall well-being.

cat litterbox problems
Helping Your Cat Overcome His Fear of the Automatic Litter Box

Let's face it--no one looks forward to cleaning the litter box. It's no wonder that a self-cleaning litter box appeals to many cat owners. Unfortunately, such a device may not appeal to the cat.

PetSafe Learn
Breed All About It: Bulldogs

One look at that wrinkly, lovable face, and you'll understand why the Bulldog ranks No. 4 on the American Kennel Club's list of top breeds in 2014.

homemade pet treats
Quick and Easy DIY Dog Costumes

With Halloween just around the corner, you may still be planning your epic costume, sure to impress your friends and neighbors. While you're making plans, be sure to include your faithful canine companion!

rescue pets
10 Ways to Help Homeless Pets

In honor of International Homeless Animals Day, held on the 3rd  Saturday of August every year, here are 10 ways you can help homeless animals in your community.

cat breed exotic shorthair
Breed All About It: British & Exotic Shorthair

Have you ever wondered where Lewis Carroll drew his inspiration for the Cheshire Cat in his beloved book, "Alice in Wonderland"? Or what happens when you cross a Persian with an American Shorthair? Learn about the British Shorthair and Exotic Shorthair cat breeds and find out if they're the right match for you!

dog summer activities
Is Your Dog Summer Ready?

Summer is coming! Longer days and warmer weather will tempt you and your dog outdoors to enjoy long walks, games of fetch, and lazy picnics on the beach. Before you head outside for summer fun, however, make sure you and your pet are summer ready. We've put together a list of common warm weather mishaps, along with tips to avoid them. Check off the list below, grab your sunscreen and your dog's favorite ball, and get ready for summer fun!

renting with pets
How to Get Your Pet Deposit Back

You and your pet are moving to a new home! Congratulations! As you prepare to settle into your new place, make note of the state of your current apartment. Take pictures of everything before you move in. When it's time to move out of your apartment and find a new place, follow these steps to make sure your landlord will return your pet deposit.

himalayan persian cats
Breed All About It: Himalayans & Persians

Year after year, the Persian tops the list of the most popular cat breeds. Why? This cat's adorable face, combined with her lovely long hair and sweet, mild personality, create an irresistible feline package that makes many people fall in love immediately. And while at first glance the Himalayan may look just like a Persian, look past his smooshed "pansy" face and his long flowing hair to his brilliant blue eyes and pointed coat. This sweet cat has just enough Siamese in his background to make him just a bit different from his Persian cousin.

bad dog breath
How to Fight Bad Pet Breath

You love spending time with your pet, snuggling on the couch, giving him hugs, maybe even leaning your cheek against his--until he turns his face toward yours and you get a big whiff of his breath. Whew! Why does his breath smell so bad, and how can you make it smell sweeter? In almost all cases, bad breath in dogs and cats indicates that something is amiss with your pet's health.

What Your Cat Wants from You

Cats communicate with meows less often with other cats and most often with humans, particularly those they live with as pets and companions. Why? Cats have learned that humans respond to meows, chirps, trills, and other feline vocalizations. And the meows one cat uses with his family may not be the same as those the cat down the street uses with her family. But just what is your cat trying to tell you?

Pit Bulls Aren’t Scary

What do you picture when you hear the term "pit bull"? In today's culture, it seems those words have come to represent an aggressive, bad-tempered dog, but that couldn't be further from the truth. The dog breeds that can be considered "pit bulls" (as there is no single "pit bull" breed) represent some of the hardest working, most loyal animals in the dog world. Here are 5 myths about pit bulls and the real story about these dogs.

The Truth behind Cat Naps

Stretched out in the sun, curled up in the laundry basket, nestled in the quilt at the end of the bed-- the family cat seems to sleep for hours at a time. With his penchant for taking what seems like one long cat nap, you may wonder just how much time your cat spends sleeping and if it's normal for cats to spend so much time snoozing.

Black Cat Syndrome: Fact or Myth?

Do black cats and dogs get passed over at animal shelters in favor of their more colorful counterparts? It's a theory based on anecdotal evidence, a phenomenon vouched for by veteran shelter staff, and the impetus for special "black cat" and "black dog" adoption events. But is it true?

Pet Hydration FAQs

Is it normal for your cat to drink from the faucet? Could it be bad for your dog to drink from the toilet? Get answers to frequently asked questions about your pet's behavior.

Do Dogs Get Jealous?

Ever wonder why your pets seem to compete for your attention? Maybe your dog is jealous.

All About Catnip

Why does your cat freak out when she gets a new catnip toy? Is it okay to give your cat catnip? Get answers to catnip FAQs and get playtime ideas for cats who like catnip.

Protecting Your Plants From Your Cats

Is your cat a "leaf nibbler"? Or a "dirt digger"? Learn how to deal with any kind of plant-hating cat.

Kitty, Let Me Sleep!

It's 2 A.M. and you're fast asleep when your cat jumps on your chest and meows in your ear. Why has your cat decided that now is the perfect time to wake you up? And how can you make sure he doesn't do the same thing tomorrow night?

How to Train Your Cat to Scratch Appropriately

Happy St. Catrick's Day! To celebrate this holiday, we're giving you some tips to save your furniture from your cat's claws.

Prevent Cat Predation Behavior

If your cat spends time outside, you may have seen the results of cat predation, much to your dismay. How can you enjoy your bird feeders and curb your cat's natural hunting behavior?

Guide to Finding a Pet-Friendly Apartment

Before you begin your search for a pet-friendly apartment, take a few steps to make your pet and yourself appealing to your future landlord.