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Yera Shah, International Marketing Specialist

Yera Shah, International Marketing Specialist

Yera is an International Marketing Specialist for PetSafe® Brand, developing products for the global market.  She spends her free time concocting recipes and sharing them with her co-workers and her Boxer, Roland.

Roland is the self-proclaimed 3rd floor president at the PetSafe Brand headquarters in Knoxville, TN and makes his daily rounds to visit his constituents and allow them to praise him with treats and massages.

He appreciates being able to sleep on Yera’s feet while she works as he contemplates how to make the world a better place.  He is also very willing to risk his life to taste test any food that comes across Yera’s plate.

This makes them the perfect partners to be the PetSafe Brand resident chesf/bakers!

Articles by This Author

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