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Celebrate National Dress Up Your Pet Day

Tomorrow is National Dress Up Your Pet Day, but we celebrated a day early at our office. Really, any day here could classify because several dogs come to work dressed up all the time. Check out four of our office dog's fashion sense.

Bao loves her pink and white polka dots!


Buckley shows off her muscles in her red sweat shirt!


Mia is cheering on her Volunteers in their basketball match-up with the Kentucky Wildcats tomorrow. She says no dogs should pull for those cats!


Ty is dressed as his favorite superhero today!!


Which of the dogs do you think deserves the "Best Dressed" award today?

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Mia looks the best!  Nice Sweater :)

Thanks, Rachel! We love the Vols here in Knoxville. Are you a fan? It was too bad her team spirit didn’t help the basketball team against Kentucky last Saturday! Thanks for reading.

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