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Fan Photo Friday: Buddy, Ricky Bobby, Lulu, Teddy, and Cyrus

Buddy from Walt L


Ricky Bobby from Stephanie N


Lulu from Vicky W



Teddy from Kelley H


Cyrus from Laura M


It's the first weekend in December! Are you and your dog planning something fun to begin the Christmas season?

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Sort of…. My kids are all coming “home” for Christmas dinner and the dogs will all LOVE to see them… it will be VERY exciting.. chaos.. but the dogs love it.  Lucy ate all my handmade German cookie ornaments off the tree last year so she is being closely watched (she can’t be trusted around candy canes or gingerbread houses either).

You have to watch the pups when it comes to sweets! They can be sneaky. :) Enjoy your family!

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