Feline Freedom Is the Best Gift on National Cat Day

By Roslyn McKenna, PetSafe Web Content Specialist

Yesterday was National Cat Day! To celebrate, I decided to take my cat Lily for a walk so we could enjoy the nice fall weather together. She loves to be outside. When she’s not curled up in her cat tower, I can usually find her looking out the window. She enjoys any opportunity to sniff around outside. Here are three ways to give your cat more freedom, whether you celebrate National Cat Day or not.

1. Walk Your Cat Cat owners can enjoy the unique bonding experience of walking a pet too. It’s easy to teach your cat to walk on a leash. Lily gets to sniff the catnip plants in the garden and roll around in the sun. She’s also a little territorial; she likes to make sure the perimeter is secure from stray cats. Walking outside is a great way for her to experience some excitement.

2. Install an In-Ground Fence In-ground fences are perfect for giving your cat safe boundaries outside. My cat Skittles loved her fence. She went a little stir crazy being cooped up inside until we gave her an electronic fence. We let her outside for several hours most afternoons, and she loved getting to hang out in her backyard.

3. Set Up a Cat Run or Kennel Cat runs or cat enclosures let your cat enjoy the outdoors in a safe enclosed area. You can purchase cat runs in pet specialty stores and from sites like CagesByDesign. Or make one yourself; CatStuff and CatsofAustralia have some great info on DIY cat runs. Dog kennels make great cat runs too. We received a great story from a customer who modified a PetSafe kennel to use as a kitten run. Elonne purchased the Cottageview Kennel so she could give her playful foster kittens some exercise and show them off at adoption events. Who can resist climbing into a cage full of kittens?

Here’s how easy it is to turn a dog kennel into a cat kennel.

1. Assemble a dog kennel, then flip it upside down. Elonne was worried the kittens would be able to slip under the gaps at the bottom. By flipping it upside down, the kennel sits flush with the ground. You might need to flip the roof and readjust the door.

2. Prevent escape by filling in gaps around the door with something long and sturdy,   such as plastic pipes. Wrapping paper rolls temporarily will fill in gaps that tiny kittens could wriggle through. Wrapping paper rolls temporarily will fill in gaps that tiny kittens could wriggle through.

3. Add a roof for sunny days and a kennel station with food and water. A sturdy roof will also help prevent climbing kittens from escaping.

Elonne used a sheet on top for added sun protection.Elonne used a sheet on top for added sun protection.

4. Watch your cats enjoy some fresh air and freedom. Toss in some dangling cat toys or tie some string to the bars for even more fun. Elonne tells us her rabbits love it too! These kittens love their new outdoor kennel! These kittens love their new outdoor kennel!

Elonne, thank you for sharing your great idea!   We want to hear from other pet owners too.

How do you give your cat safe outdoor playtime?

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