Finding the Right Training Collar for You and Your Pet

No two dogs are alike, which means no two dogs learn alike. There are tons of pet training methods in the world, but what type is right for you and your best friend? From big to small, shy to stubborn, ultra-sensitive hearing to deaf there is a remote training product for you.


Spray remote training is gentle, yet effective. Featuring a tone-only button and multiple levels of spray these trainers are best suited for changing misbehaviors and teaching basic obedience commands. Once the correction button is pushed a burst of citronella scented mist (spray also available in unscented) is released toward your dog’s snout. This will distract him and make him look at you for further command.

spray remote trainer


Great for smaller dogs that may not like spray and bigger dogs that are a bit more stubborn, static training collars offer a wider range of correction to teach your pet obedience. At the push of a button, your remote sends a signal activating your dog's receiver collar.  He receives a safe but distracting static stimulation. Your pup will quickly learn the association between his behavior and your correction; in no time, you'll have a better-behaved pet.

static remote trainer


Our ultrasonic remote trainers are perfect for basic command and obedience training. This system takes advantage of your pet’s sensitive hearing with a sound that is beyond the range of humans. When the system emits its ultrasonic sound, your furry friend will understand that you want him to stop whatever he is doing. The system also has a positive tone to reward good behaviors as well as a negative tone to counter undesirable ones.

ultrasonic remote trainer


These easy-to-use trainers interrupt your pet’s unwanted behavior with a vibration. At the push of a button, your pal’s receiver collar vibrates when you want to get his attention or to let him know that you don’t like what he’s doing. A great training tool for almost any dog; this is an indispensable aid for deaf or hearing-impaired dogs.  

vibration remote trainer pet pager

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