FroliCat® DART Review

FroliCat DART Customer Testimonial


Thank you, FroliCat Dart customer Sarah P. for the following product testimonial:

DART w cat"I just received this DART product today and my cats totally love it. I have 2 Persians - Aleuka and Misha, 1 Himmy - Tessa, 1 American Bobtail,- Latte, I long haired Grand Chamption Exotic - Mocha, and 1 Raga Muffin - Java. And they are having a blast with this toy. I've looked at this type of item in several catalogues and felt this was the best made because of the balance of it have it made flat on both top and bottom. And I was right after seeing it in person. Some of the others went up in a point and I felt they would knock it over easier. This one is much better made. It has settings to run from 5 to 30 minutes, it pauses on its own, and it stops and reverses itself. You won't be sorry if you make this purchase and your babies will totally love it.


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