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Get Ready to Bark in 2015!

By Sarah Folmar, Brand Communications Specialist B4YP1

Now that we’ve had a month to recover from all of the excitement from the Bark for Your Park winner announcements, we wanted to make sure you were prepared for next year! We know the contest is still a bit down the road in 2015, but getting started early is a fantastic way to get your leg up on the competition.

  • Start to gather your documents: Each year when we start Phase I of the voting, we ask that any city participating in the contest provide a land verification letter and a civic support letter. We know preparing these documents can take some time, so why not get started early? Even if you don’t have the letters drafted right now, you can still find the necessary people in your community to help you get on the right track with these.
  • Community support: How do you get votes for your community if your neighbors don’t know about the contest? Well, you don’t. But spreading the word that the contest is coming in 2015 and that your community has a shot at winning… well, THAT will get you votes! So, how do you spread the word?
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: We cannot stress the importance of social media in this contest enough. Bark for Your Park voting is completed through our website and our Facebook page, and getting your community members to LIKE your own Facebook page gives you the opportunity to update them all on what is to come. Show pictures of where you’d like your new park to go. Share any of our Facebook updates on the contest. Upload photos of dogs in your community that would benefit from having their very own dog park. Share articles of how having a dog park can help socialize your dogs and revitalize your community. Share, share share!
  • Have fun: We have a saying here at the PetSafe® office. You can’t teach passion. If you are passionate about getting a dog park in your community it is certainly going to be obvious. Host some Yappy Hours throughout the year to gain even more support. Create shirts that give a clear message: Your community wants to win a dog park! We hope you will enjoy the 2015 Bark for Your Park contest, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated throughout the year!

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