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Give Your Dog the Backyard of His Dreams

Does the arrival of Spring have your dog longing to spend more time outdoors? It’s time to give him what he wants! If spending time at a local dog park is not an option, you can give your dog space in his own backyard to run and play.

Here are some ideas of what you’ll need for a Doggie Dream Yard.


A doggie door is essential to giving your dog a backyard he’ll drool over. Pet doors give your dog access to enter and exit your home whenever he chooses. Your dog can spend more time outdoors getting the vital exercise he needs.


Create safe boundaries for your dog with electronic fences. Wireless and in-ground fences are a great solution for keeping your dog secure in the yard, without the expense and hassle of putting up a physical fence. With some DIY know-how, a weekend and a little training, your dog can be enjoying more freedom all year long.


You don’t want your pet to get bored spending time outdoors. Give him something to keep him active and engaged with playtime. A great option is the PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher. Your dog will love this automatic fetch toy. Just teach him to drop the ball in the top of the Automatic Ball Launcher. Once he’s far enough away, the Automatic Ball Launcher will send a ball flying between 6 and 30 feet. But, don’t worry. The Automatic Ball Launcher will automatically shut off after 15 minutes to make sure your dog gets a break.


With all of the additional time to run and play, your dog will likely be thirsty. But, refilling the bowl so often can be a hassle. Instead, give your dog an outdoor fountain to provide a source of clean water to keep him healthy and hydrated, especially during the hot summer months.

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