Happy Dog Day from the PetSafe® Dogs!

There are a ton of crazy pet holidays out there. Of course, there are a few national pet days, some days are dedicated to illnesses, senior pets and shelter adoption. Some can even get really bizarre like: Yell, “Fudge!" at the Cobras Day!

But today, National Dog Day, we celebrate our best friends, our constant companions, our dogs. Instead of going on about the benefits of owning a dog or about how awesome they are, we are going to celebrate some of the best dogs in the world: PetSafe dogs! We’re not just talking about the many dogs running around our office today, we’re also talking about your dogs!

We’ve run many competitions over the past year asking you to tell us why you love your dog and decided to share some of our favorite picture with you! Be sure to click on your favorites to read what their owners say about their BFF!

Trooper-Submitted by Jane

Paris-Submitted by Collette

Nelson-Submitted by Amy

Flappy-Submitted by Laurence

Toby-Submitted by Sharon

Lucy-Submitted by Jamie

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