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Have a Pet-Friendly Valentine's Day

Have a Pet-Friendly Valentine’s Day

By Amy Shojai

“Love me, love my pet,” is the new Valentine rule of paw. If you really want to please your partner this Valentine's Day, as well as your pet, buy chew toys and catnip instead of chocolate.You can also try acting and reacting to your significant other more like your dog does. I'm not saying you...

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Cats 101: Basic Health & Care Tips to Keep Your Cat Healthy

By Stacy Hackett

How often do you take your cat to the veterinarian? In observance of National Cat Health Month, we want to remind you that even if your cat does not appear to be sick, preventative care is important.

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How to Preserve Your Pet’s Heart in a Diamond Forever

By PetSafe Guest

Pets are an irrefutable and irreplaceable part of our lives. Many times, pets are more like family to us, with their lives being akin to a human’s life. As we grow older and walk through our lives, our pets stand right beside us, up to their final years. We spend many important events with our...

6 Most Common Dog Health Problems

6 Most Common Dog Health Problems

By PetSafe Guest

As a responsible pet owner, you obviously want what's best for your pets. That's why you give your pup the best care possible. If you want to keep your best friend in tip-top shape, arm yourself with information in case an emergency arises. To that end, here are the six most common dog health...

Planning for a Pet-Friendly Destination

Planning for a Pet-Friendly Destination

By Caryl Wolff

One of the top resolutions people have is to travel more. Some destinations are more dog friendly than others. How should you make your decision when deciding where to go?First, decide where you want to go and what you want to do because your choice determines some of the questions to ask. For...

Old Pets Can't Jump - Products That Help Them Get to Higher Places

Old Pets Can’t Jump - Products That Help Them Get to Higher Places

By PetSafe Guest

Just like people, dogs appreciate their independence around the home in order to access their favorite places. And the same goes for elderly cats that are no longer as agile as they were in their younger years. Stairs and ramps strategically placed around the home solve the problem.Initially,...

Caring for Your Dog in Winter Weather

Caring for Your Dog in Winter Weather

By Justin Young

With an Arctic Blast gripping a large portion of the country at the start of the year, going outdoors was challenging. But, winter is just getting started. If you have pets, there are cold weather health hazards you have to look out for to keep you and your pet safe.According to the Association of...