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pet dehydration skin test

Is Your Pet Dehydrated? Try These Simple Tests

By Hank Champion

We all know daily hydration is essential for us, but did you know it’s crucial for your pet too? Along with helping to prevent urinary and kidney disease, proper hydration plays a role in virtually every body function of your pet.

Preventing Pet Holiday Accidents

By Jessie McDowell

Keep your home and your pets safe this holiday season with pet proofing mats, barriers, and sprays.

How to Keep Pets at a Healthy Weight for the Holidays

Holiday time means more treats for people and their pets, and when your pet's routines change for travel, family time, and holiday activities, mealtimes can get hectic. Did someone remember to feed Fluffy? Is Fido begging for yet another snack? Keep it simple with a pet feeder for automatic meals and easy portion control.

Interview with Inventor of KeepSafe® Collar

By Jessie McDowell

Learn how one dog's tragedy led to the invention of a safety collar that has saved thousands of dogs.

What Kind of Cat Parent Are You?

By Jessie McDowell

Do you have long conversations with your cat? Try to do activities together like yoga? Check out this "crazy" cat mom. I bet you'll have a lot in common.

Stop the 77: What Your Dog Is Really Thinking

By Michelle Mullins

Are you a doggie mind reader? What's your dog thinking when you kiss him on the cheek or pet his head? You might be in for a surprise.