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How Do You & Your Pet Give Thanks?

By Natalie Lester, PetSafe Brand Marketing Specialist

At Thanksgiving last year, I wrote about how to protect your pet from the different areas and potential danger in your home during the holidays. I remember thinking how exciting it would be to celebrate the holiday with a pet of my own and create special traditions.

Yet when I adopted Emma and added a +1 to my home, I can’t say I really thought again about how different the holidays would be with the new member to my family. Now that they are so close, I feel like I’m behind and don’t have anything fun planned for us! I need to get on it, so I started brainstorming all the fun Thanksgiving things we could do together. I thought I’d share them with you in hopes you would add to them and help us get off on the right paw with our traditions.

pet thanksgiving ideas

• Feasting traditions

Families that cook together stay together, right? To prepare for our Thanksgiving feast, I think I’ll add a special dog treat to my recipe list. There should be multiple dogs at my family’s feast and why shouldn’t they a special treat as well? I think I’ve found the perfect recipe, too.

pet holiday recipes

• Televised traditions

I’ve always been a fan of waking up early on Thanksgiving to catch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade from beginning to end. I’ll drag Emma out of the covers with me this year, and we’ll even pay special attention to The National Dog Show that will come on after the parade. I’ve heard from other pet parents that this can be a great tradition. Heck, I always love keeping a score card during pageants like Miss America or Miss USA so maybe Emma and I will try our hand at scoring the pretty pooches on this show.

thanksgiving traditions for pets

• Shopping traditions

We’ll be heading to bed early and setting our alarms so we won’t miss any deals on Black Friday. I’m seriously considering letting Emma join in a trip to a local pet store, so stay tuned for a post on how we’ll be sure she’s on her best behavior!

pet shopping deals

What about you? Do you and your pets have any special traditions around Thanksgiving, Christmas, or other holidays? Share them with me so Emma and I can join you!


As the PetSafe Brand Marketing Specialist, Natalie manages The Paw Print blog and generates other brand related content including public relations and promotions. Before PetSafe, Natalie worked in the local media covering politics, education, and religion. Natalie’s puppy, Emma, spends almost as much time in the office as she does.

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When my cat Dexter was still alive he loved people food. I would always fix him a mini plate on a saucer of the cat safe foods we were having. Bonus, it would keep him busy so he wouldn’t spend the entire meal staring at our guests and hoping they would share.

That is a good idea - we’re glad you were smart about what foods you were sharing with your kitty. Thanks for reading!

I make my small dog and cats their own Cornish Game Hen without any spices. It’s all organic, and a health meat for them (I’m vegetarian, so I don’t have any myself). They love holidays, and it keeps them happy while the rest of us eat without beggers!

FIDO in Propect Park fellowship in the interest of dogs and their owners. Has a coffee bark . which is a breakfast get together every month we have it next to the picnic house in prospect park between 7am and 9am
We are also haveing are anual great party for all people in all broughs and where ever that are willing to travel to the best dog party in the world I am in charge of this.  We have a sing along .We have great food and Santa comes and brings gifts to each and every dog that comes. The dog and his family can also have their picture taken . for more detals got to

I pick over the left over turkey and put it in the food dehydrator for a day or so and it becomes healthy dog snacks! They love it!

Wow, Wendy! What a great idea. Thanks for sharing - and for reading!!

Wow, Betty!! That is a great idea for all pet parents to get together every month. We’re sure the dogs love the early morning playtime, and the gifts from Santa certainly don’t hurt. Thanks for sharing - and for reading!

Pam, that’s so sweet of you to make your pets their own holiday treat. Reducing begging is always a struggle for many pet parents, so we’re sure this tip will help them. Thanks for sharing - and for reading! Happy Thanksgiving!

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Last Month FIDO in Prospect Park had its annual Party for Dogs and their owners, Bark The Herald Angels. It is a party where dogs can be off leash and socialize with other dogs and people.  FIDO is the model for all dog parks .  The dogs respect each other and have a great time.  I know that many of the dogs that come to this event have been in touch with the other dogs and people throughout the year.  They become friends with dogs and recognize many people as those who have patted their head and given them treats. They love their picture being taken with their family and Santa. I know this because I take their pictures. You can judge for yourself and see if the people having a party for dogs matters to them.

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