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Experts: COVID-19 is not transmissible between people and pets

By PetSafe Guest

If you think you might have contracted the virus, the CDC recommends restricting contact with pets and other animals (and humans, of course!). While there have been no reports of pets or other animals showing symptoms of novel coronavirus, people with symptoms should limit contact with animals until more is known about the virus, WOAH says on its website. When possible, have another member of your household care for pets while you are sick. If you have no other care options, wash your hands before and after contact with pets and wear a facemask if available. Novel coronavirus patients should avoid petting, snuggling, and sharing kisses and food (we know, it would be hard for us, too), according to WOAH. The AKC further suggests you avoid petting animals if you are sick because the virus could be transmitted via fur.

Cat on Chair

Yes, You CAN Train Cats

By Amy Shojai

January is National Train Your Dog Month, but don't forget about training cats. We expect our dogs to know basic manners, and rarely feel surprise if King offers a "sit" on command, or a paws-up to "shake" when asked. But folks guffaw at the mere mention of cat training.

5 Steps to Litter Box Train Cats

By Amy Shojai

New pet parents sometimes assume cats know how to use the litter box. But not all felines understand potty rules. Allowing a cat to make a mess isn't fair to her, or to the carpet!It can be a challenge to fix litter box lapses because the scent of the mistake lures cats to repeat the offense....

The Basics on Pet Vaccines

By Audrey Pavia

Over the past few years, vaccination protocols have changed within the veterinary community, for both dogs and cats. While vets used to recommend yearly vaccinations for a number of diseases, many are now reducing the frequency that vaccines are given.

All About Catnip

By Stacy Hackett

Why does your cat freak out when she gets a new catnip toy? Is it okay to give your cat catnip? Get answers to catnip FAQs and get playtime ideas for cats who like catnip.

How to Train Your Cat to Scratch Appropriately

By Stacy Hackett

Happy St. Catrick's Day! To celebrate this holiday, we're giving you some tips to save your furniture from your cat's claws.

How Can I Stop My Cat from Getting Litter Everywhere?

By Roslyn McKenna

Stop your cat from tracking litter throughout your house with these quick tips.