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Last week to Bark For Your Park: 15 Ideas to Boost Your Barks

By Robin Rhea, Senior Brand Manager

bark for your park

As we head into the last week of the finals of Bark For Your Park, the barking can get even more intense. It’s a critical time to step up your communities’ game and bark like you have never barked before. We wanted to share some last minute ideas to put your votes on steroids.    

  1. Coordinate a dog-walk to get all your community's dog-lovers together and remind everyone you see to bark.
  2. Print out reminders on sheets of paper and provide these to food delivery services.
  3. Change up the location of your yard signs to capture new audiences.
  4. Hang a banner from bridges and overpasses so that people passing through your community will be asked to vote too.
  5. Ask local businesses to post a Bark For Your park reminder on their marques.
  6. Ask your local broadcast media to remind their viewers to vote as a part of their local news updates.
  7. Ask your local movie theater to run your .30 public service announcement.
  8. Ask your local celebrities to share the contest with their fans.
  9. Reach out to your community's musicians and ask them to mention the contest at events where they perform.
  10. Write Bark For Your Park on your car windows with window chalk.
  11. Post a banner at nearby baseball fields.
  12. Identify community message boards around town and place posters there.
  13. Hold a pet adoption event in coordination with your local shelter.
  14. Remind your civic leaders to mention the contest to their supporters.
  15. Call on creative people within your community who can help generate even more ideas that are specific to your town.

Most of all let your love for your community's dogs shine and just keep the passion for your dog park alive. We can’t wait to find out where the next generation of PetSafe Dog Parks will be popping up, hopefully in a neighborhood near you. Good luck to all our finalists.

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