Orange Kitten Is Too Cute in Her Knitted Sweater

The cute cat photos keep coming in via our FroliCat® & ScoopFree® Cat Photo Contest!  FroliCat social media fans and customers are submitting some of the cutest pictures of cats and kittens we have ever seen!    Some cat photos are funny and some kitten pics are cute while other images are very artistic and beautiful.  Over the next few weeks, we will share some of our favorite photographs via our FroliCat Facebook, Twitter and blog pages.  Be sure to subscribe to our blog page or follow us on Facebook or Twitter to see some true cat cuteness!

cute orange kitten in sweaterCan you top this cute cat photo?  To the left is some serious cute submitted by a Twitter fan! Have a great photo of your cat(s) that you would like to enter into our FroliCat & ScoopFree Cat Photo contest?  Visit our Facebook page to enter or post the picture with the hashtag #LoveFroliCat on Twitter for a chance to win five FroliCat interactive cat toys

See the official Twitter or Facebook rules for more details.  The photo contest ends Friday, February 15th, 2013 so submit your photos soon.

UPDATE:  This photo is not an original photo nor is it owned by the person who submitted.  As such it was disqualified from the FroliCat & ScoopFree Cat Photo Contest (per the contest rules).

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