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Pet Boarding Made Simple

By Natalie Lester, PetSafe Brand Communication Specialist

It's important to consider how your pet will react to you being away. Picking the right caretakes for Fido are just as important as making your own reservations. It's important to consider how your pet will react to you being away. Picking the right caretakes for Fido are just as important as making your own reservations.

If you’re headed on vacation this summer and can’t take your pet with you, it’s important to find a reliable and fun location to board your pet. Many pet owners choose to board their furry friends with their veterinarians, and others choose to use trusted boarding kennels.

Finding the right place for your pet is easy. First, you should research locations online that offer boarding. Make a list of 3 to 5 options that are near your house and have good reviews. Then, you can call and schedule visits. Ask for a tour of the facility and to see some of the dog’s staying there. You should also inquire about when the area is staffed, what the feeding schedule is, and how much attention each dog receives while they are there. Ask for a pricing sheet and be sure the location you choose is in your budget.

Once you have selected your location, you just have to prep your pet’s suitcase for his exciting trip with new friends. There is just a short list of things to include:

1. Pre-packaged meals: Whenever I board Emma, I measure out all her meals and put them in sandwich bags so I can be sure she is getting just the right amount. It also helps me know if she was stressed while I was away, because I can easily tell when she did or didn’t eat.

2. Her favorite toys: Emma has a few go-to toys that she can’t live without. Her Squirrel Dude is her favorite, and they even fill it with Peanut Butter for her at the kennel she frequents. She also loves her Waggle, Bristle Bone, and Pogo Plush Slap Happy. Be sure your pet can enjoy all the fun she would at home during her stay by putting these in her bag.

3. Her bed and blanket: The beds kennels provide are awesome for easy cleaning and keeping your pet from sleeping on the ground, but we all know our pets are princes and princesses. Emma likes to sleep like one, so I send her comfy bed and blanket with her so she gets a good night’s sleep.

4. Something that smells like you: When I’m away from Emma, I miss her like crazy. Even though I know we are both having fun, I’m always thinking she misses me too. I usually sleep in an old t-shirt the night before I leave and send that with her too, so she has something that smells like me. Several behaviorists recommend this as a calming method for dogs with separation anxiety.

5. Any medication: Emma doesn’t take any regular medication, but many pets do. You should always be sure the kennel has the right amount of medication and clear directions so they know just what to do.

What is on your pet’s packing list when they are boarded or staying with friends and family?  

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I own a boarding kennel and encourage my guests to come for a visit, it makes drop off much easier on both our guests and their owners.

Wow, great tips! Thank you for posting one.

pet boarding perth has advantages for dogs, it is not just about creating relationships with other dogs. Dogs want some time spent running free and that is not always possible due to where your home is - places like this could possibly be the ideal chance to let your dog run wild to its heart’s content and enjoy the cool wind outside for a change.

I love all your tips! I have a dog and she can’t go anywhere without her favorite toy. I’ve also encountered issues with feeding her different food, so this something that is great to be prepared for.

We highly encourage people to come and tour our pet boarding facility. We want them to feel right at home and comfortable dropping their furry loved ones off. Great article!

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