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How to Set Off-Limits Areas for Pets

By Jim Tedford

Our homes, pets, and lifestyle preferences are entirely unique. Some people enjoy having their dogs beside them on the couch or keeping them company in the kitchen. Others prefer that pets stay off of the furniture or out of certain rooms in the house. Whatever your lifestyle, pet barriers and deterrents are useful training tools. They establish boundaries for your dog so everyone lives together peacefully.

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Bed Manners for Fido: Keep Your Dog off the Bed

By Mike Shafer

One common problem that most dog parents struggle with is bed manners. It seems like some of us try so hard to teach our dogs not to get on our beds but fail to reliably reach this goal. So I thought we could discuss some ways to help keep your dog off of your bed.

Holiday Pet Proofing Tips

By Amy Shojai

When holiday decorations come out, the risk of dog and cat injury goes up. Follow these holiday pet proofing safety tips to prevent accidents or injury and have a safe holiday.

Training Deaf Dogs

By Jim Tedford

Wondering how to train your deaf dog? You have lots of training options.

Guide to Puppy-Proofing your Home

By Jim Tedford

Prior to bringing a puppy into your home, examine your home for potential hazards and try to eliminate them.

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Pawz Away® Pet Proofing Barrier to the Rescue

By PetSafe Guest

When we got Morgan, our first German Shepherd, she was 18 months old and we had 3 Greyhounds. It was definitely a culture shock for everyone involved. Greyhounds are sweet, biddable dogs and Morgan always had a way of thinking she knew better than we did. However, she quickly became very attached to my husband and me as well as our Greyhounds. I firmly believe that she’d do anything to protect us, even if it meant she’d be hurt. That’s just how she is wired, and we love her for it - most of the time.

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Pet Holiday Survival Guide

By Roslyn McKenna

With 4 adventurous cats and 1 clumsy dog, there’s always a mess somewhere in our house. Add holiday decorations, lots of food, and out of town guests, and we have the potential for some big problems! That’s why I’ve asked created this list of holiday pet proofing advice to help you and your family, furry or otherwise, survive and actually enjoy the holiday season.

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