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PetSafe 12 Days of Christmas Blog Contest

This holiday season, show off your pet’s holly jolly side during our PetSafe 12 Days of Christmas Pet Blogger Contest! Blog about Your Pet for the Holidays!

If you’re a pet blogger, we invite you to produce content that showcases your pet and your own imaginative spin on the lyrics of The Twelve Days of Christmas.  Get creative!  We welcome text only, as well as photos, videos, or even audio clips together with text.  Win a prize pack filled with great PetSafe products (valued at $200)!  Prize packs like this one will be given to the twelve winners of this contest!

PetSafe will pick the 12 most imaginative entries, one for each day in The Twelve Days of Christmas. Each winning blogger will receive a prize pack filled with our exceptional PetSafe products, including:

  • 1 pet bed
  • 1 Drinkwell® Pet Fountain
  • 1 three-pack Lickety Stik
  • 1 Happy Dog shirt
  • 2 Busy Buddy® toys
  • 2 Pogo Plush™ toys

You can spoil your pet this Christmas or give some of your loyal readers a special gift!

Deadline for Entry

Entries for the PetSafe 12 Days of Christmas Pet Blogger Contest will be accepted through Tuesday, December 20, 2011. Ho ho ho! Ready for the fun? Here are the entry rules and guidelines.

So, what do I have to do to enter?

To be part of the PetSafe 12 Days of Christmas Pet Blogger contest, you must publish a blog post that includes:

  • Text or an embedded Christmas holiday-related photo, video or audio clip that includes your pet AND one of the items mentioned in your version of The Twelve Days of Christmas song. Extra points for goofiness! (If you use a photo, video or audio clip, you’ll need to add text to the post explaining your content.)
  • A link back within the post to’s home page or a page on that highlights one of your favorite PetSafe products.

 Don’t forget to share your entry with friends, fans and followers, too. Or, ask them for help in creating your post!  Here’s a version our PetSafe staff put together:

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my parents gave to me

12 bags o’ food, 11 different treats,

10 leashes walking, 9 Busy Buddies,

8 dog parks playing, 7 cats a-chasing, 6 vaccinations,


4 tennis balls, 3 collars, 2 eating bowls

and a golden retriever puppy.

How do I submit my entry to PetSafe?

Send an email to with the subject line, “12 Days of Christmas.” In the body of the email, include:

  • Your full name and your pet’s name
  • Your address and phone number
  • Your email address
  • The link to your published blog post entry

How will winners be picked?

A panel of judges selected by PetSafe will review entries for each “gift” and choose the most original entry. One winner will be selected for each “day of Christmas,” for a total of 12 winners. Good news! An individual blogger may win more than once.

When will I get my prize?

Winners will be notified via email between December 21 and December 22. Prizes will be mailed after the holidays on January 3.

How will PetSafe use my stuff?

If you enter our contest, we’re going to tell the world! That means we’ll let our fans and friends on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube know about your awesome pet blog and give you credit for your work. We hope this gets your blog LOTS of new fans and subscribers!

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You won’t ship parts to Alaska.
How safe is that?
Maybe your CEO can fly up here and help me round up my dog.
Do you have some trouble figuring out how to use U.S. mail?
When I bought this expensive collar, I was assured it worked well and that Pet Safe has product support. The first assurance turned out to be true, but you have failed on the second. My local retailer does not stock certain collar repair parts. The store clerks sell your expensive pet training devices and tell people you have product support. They even tell customers that hardware parts are available online, through your web site.
That’s not true, and it is not their fault.
How is product support possible without spare parts?

I think this would be a lot of fun but you do not ship to Alaska or Hawaii.  I guess you all think we are a different country or something.  You can not guess how this discrimination makes us feel.  Just hearing about it has convinced me to never get any of your stuff cause you will not ship the replacement parts.  Fedex brings me packages from the lower 48 all the time so I can only guess that you all are just ignorant. Oh and we have UPS and USPS up here to.  We have electricity, internet, phones and TV to, we even get 4G.  We just can not get some stuck up company’s to ship us stuff even though we expect to pay more for shipping. Ok I am going to shut up now cause I could go on.  Just know you are not the only company who treats us like a third class State.


We do ship to Alaska. Please, feel free to call our Customer Care (1-866-738-4379) for help with your collar and ordering your replacement parts. We appreciate you choosing PetSafe!

Let us know if we can help you again!

Lynx, We do ship to Alaska and Hawaii! Please, feel free to enter our contest on your blog. We would love to see what you can create!

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This is a great entry! Have you sent us an email with your information? You can send it to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Thanks, and happy holidays!

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