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Shed Pounds with Your Pet

About half of the people that made New Year’s Resolutions this year resolved to get fit. But everyone knows making a resolution is much easier than actually sticking with one. Statistically people that go on a diet plan with a partner have a better chance at succeeding.

So this year, why not resolve to lose weight and get fit with your live-in weight-loss partner: your pet? Ensuring your pet maintains a healthy weight and exercise plan is your duty as a responsible pet owner, so make this responsibility fun! Here are some helpful tips to get you and your pal started:

portion control for petsPortion Control

First you need to know why you and your pet are overweight. While it could be a simple case of overindulgence, serious factors could be plaguing you and your best friend. Just like humans, a number of emotional, metabolic and neurobiological factors can cause eating disorders in pets. Start out by cutting back and controlling portions by measuring out food and contemplate changing the way you feed your pet.

Something like an automatic timed feeder will help keep your pet on a regular portioned feeding schedule. This will help maintain your pet’s healthy weight and with behavior issues that may stem from your pet not being on a regular feeding schedule.


exercise with your dogThe next step is to add exercise into your daily routine. For those not already getting in regular exercise, start off slow. Take your pet out for a short walk. Each day go a little bit farther and incorporate running into your routine. For dog owners, agility training and other outdoor activities are a great way to help you and your dog shed pounds in the spring and summer.

For cat owners, weight loss may be a bit tougher. While your cat is not likely to be excited to go on a run with you, there are simple solutions, like interactive feeding toys, to get your cat on an exercise plan. Feeder balls like our Slim Cat not only give you an easy solution to portion control, it also gives your feline friend the exercise she needs.

Monitor and Maintain

Once you have both reached a health weight it is important to monitor and maintain. Sticking to your controlled diet and exercise plan is key to maintaining your new weight. Remember, old habits are easy to slip back into when your goal is to maintain and not to lose weight.

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