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Spring Training

By Michelle Mullins, CPDT - KA

Spring is in the air and if and your pets are like me and mine we can’t wait to get out there and shake off winter.   The days of long walks, hiking and swimming are in sight. However I must admit we have all been less active and put on a little “fluff” during the cold months.   So I’m going to start getting us back into shape for all the outdoor activities we love.  

Jinks going for a swim    

Our spring training includes:   Slowly increasing the distance on our morning walks.   Start a stretching routine including play bows, spins and rollovers.   Refresh recall training. It never hurts to practice coming when called!   Check all gear – collars, leashes, harnesses, floats for wear and tear, replace if needed.  

Make sure we have a plan for dealing with fleas, ticks and mosquitos so everyone is protected.   Play some extra games of fetch or tug.   Soon we will be ready to romp through the fields, go swimming and enjoy the warm days.    

Jinks enjoying the Dog Park      

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