Super Cute Winners!

We asked our readers to be on the look out for the following scenarios:

1. A dog striking a pose in their Easy Walk Harness

2. A pet (any pet) enjoying a swim- bonus points if they're playing with a Pogo Splash toy or wearing a Premier life jacket!

3. A dog and cat snuggling After careful delibiration, we present to you the winners! 

Each winner will receive a Premier goody-basket.

We received a few pictures of Roxy enjoying the beautiful
sunset while sporting her Easy Walk Harness!

And the decision between the pets that swim was so tough, we chose two winners! 



Here's Sookie doing a serious doggy-paddle!



And West looks so fly with his Premier life jacket that we couldn't resist showing him off!





And finally, cuter than the cutest, here is our featured snugglers.  And they look so similar!


Thanks for all the submissions-- you are all fantastic!

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