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The 10 Best Ways to Celebrate National Pet Day

By Jessie McDowell, Content Marketing Specialist

Today is National Pet Day, and, here at PetSafe, we leave no pet holiday unnoticed. But how do you celebrate a day like this? How can you and your pet make the most of one of their national holidays? We decided to gather a few ideas to get some much needed quality time with your furry friend.

1. Share a day at the dog park Moose when he thinks of the dog parkDog parks may be nothing new to you and your pup, but spend a little extra time meeting new friends today. You’ll feel like an awesome pet parent and truly appreciate your pet as he frolics around the park finding new playmates. If you don’t have a dog park to visit in your area, we might be able to help. Visit for more information.  

2. Treat yourself to ice cream This is a special treat. It’s not every day your dog gets sweet vanilla ice cream (and it shouldn’t be every day). You don’t have to share the same ice cream cone, but get your pup a little frozen treat at a drive through. After all, National Pet Day only comes around once a year.

3. Give your pet a bath Your pet may not like this one, but the after effect will be awesome. The soft fur feeling your pet has after the big water shake off is amazing. Having a bath also really helps with our next idea…

4. Have a pet photo shoot Moose's first photo shoot Moose's first photo shoot!  After your kitten or puppy has dried off and looks cuter than ever, take pictures! You have no idea how much these will mean to you as you grow up together. The more pictures the better for National Pet Day.          

5. Get a special treat National Pet Day is a chance to spoil your pet without any guilt. Pick up that product you know your pet will love, and you have just been waiting for the right time to get it. This day is a celebration!

6. Take a nap together Cat naps take on a new meaning on National Pet Day. Relax and treat both of you to a bonding nap. Soak up the sun outside or snuggle inside for the perfect afternoon pick-me-up.  There's nothing quite like a Moose nap

7. Split a meal It is starting to be patio season, and we think that’s reason enough for a fur family dinner. Take your pup to a doggie-friendly restaurant patio and spilt a meal you will both love.

8. Watch a pet movie Remember Air Bud? What about Homeward Bound or Marley and Me? Dig up your old favorite pet movies and watch them together. Hey, they understand the barking parts!

9. Throw a ball This is so simple but will go such a long way. Your dog has been cooped up all winter, and it’s time to play. So pick up his favorite toy and step outside for a change.

10. Give some extra love Only you know the best way to show your pet you care. Whether it is a longer belly rub, some playful exercise or simply an extra hug, the best way to Celebrate National Pet Day is bonding with your pet.

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