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The Benefits of Pet Ownership

Whether you need a little help with training or you just want to pamper your pet, PetSafe® products solutions can help. While we’re proud of the innovative solutions we provide, our ultimate goal is to give pets and their owners more time to bond and enjoy the company of each other.

Earlier this month, PetSafe® Brand Australia partnered with a clinical psychologist to further explore the benefits of pet ownership. Her findings – pet ownership can help support your mental health by improving social, emotional and physical wellbeing.

So, what are the main benefits of pet ownership?

  • Pets are great listeners, cuddlers and companions. They can provide those who suffer from fears, anxiety or depression comfort and unconditional support and love.
  • Pet ownership can lead to more engaging and physical activity.
  • Owning a pet can help to boost social interactions and lower isolation issues.

For more ways pets can improve your life, read Promoting the benefits of pet ownership.

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