The World According to Cooper: Going New Places

I love, love, love to go new places.  I get so excited that my mom has to have many conversations with me about being calm and behaving as well as I do at the office every day.  I must admit, I really don’t hear a word she says when we get somewhere new. awdg

Humans don’t ever seem to get excited about new places. You all just go and never think anything about all the new sites and smells.  This is another reason I would rather be a dog than a human.  I envy those thumbs of yours, but I’ll take my enthusiasm for life over thumbs anytime.   I recently got the opportunity to go to downtown Knoxville. Oh my goodness!!  I couldn’t believe all of the new sites and smells.  It was like nothing that I have ever experienced before. 

Downtown Knoxville is super dog friendly, we are pretty much welcome everywhere down there. I have to admit, I kind of lost my mind a little bit.  I went out to dinner with my mom and my Aunt Leslie.  I think those might have been the only two humans on the planet that were patient enough to deal with my “enthusiasm”. I know I was wearing my mom’s patience out. I just kept running from side to side and I HAD to smell everything. asdg

I’m sure if she had thought about it just a little more, we would have gone for a very long walk before going downtown.  I really hope I get to go again, really, really soon.  It is awesome.  I can’t promise that I will be any calmer next time without a long walk before we go. 

Unlike you humans, I still get super excited for every new opportunity that comes my way. Hint, hint.  Humans, it is ok to get excited for new stuff.  Take another learning opportunity from your furry children and live in the moment.  Be excited about new things and stop and smell the smells and enjoy the sites! Talk to you soon. Cooper

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