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The World According to Cooper: Star power

pet photo shoot Cooper knows he is a cutie! And, he's excited to be in a photo shoot for a new fountain soon!

Hey everybody! I am so excited and I can’t wait to tell you why.  I am going to be in a photo shoot for the new PetSafe Avalon fountain this week and I really think it is going to make me a star! Of course, I am not the only canine co-worker that will be at the photo shoot, but I am hoping it will be my big break.  I would love to go to Hollywood and be in the next Beverly Hill Chihuahua; instead it would be Beverly Hill Lhasa Apso, starring Cooper Greene!

This is not the first photo shoot that I have done for PetSafe.  They are so much fun.  Everyone tells me how great I am and how cute I am.  My mom is always there to make sure that I have everything that I need. My buddy Henry will be at the photo shoot. Henry is a little younger than me. I used to be really hyper at these events, but I have settled down now and I think that it will be my time to shine. The Avalon fountain is a great product, but now you have an even better reason to go buy one, I'll be representing it! Wish me luck!

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