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dog and ball launcher toy

The Top 5 Holiday Tech Gifts for Dogs & Dog Lovers

By Hank Champion

The holidays aren't just for people – it's a fun time for dogs too, so don't forget to include gifts for your pup as well. We've made it easy to find the best gifts with our top 5 tech gifts for dogs.

cat playing with laser toy

The Top 5 Holiday Tech Gifts for Cats & Cat Lovers

By Rob Hunter

A fun way to celebrate the holiday season as a cat lover is to give your kitty plenty of presents. We've created a list of the top 5 tech cat gifts to make it easy to pick the right one and make it the best holiday ever.

cat doing cat stuff

National Cat Day 2022 – When and How to Celebrate

By Hank Champion

Ask any cat lover, and they'll tell you that every day should be a holiday for cats, but in the U.S., National Cat Day is celebrated on October 29.

dog traveling in car

Holiday Road Trip Tips: How To Travel With A Dog

By Rob Hunter

Travel with dogs can be an adventure any time of year, but during the hectic holidays it can be especially exciting!

pet dehydration skin test

Holiday Road Trip Tips: How To Travel With A Cat

By Rob Hunter

Car travel with cats can be a little tricky, especially during the busy holiday season. But this doesn’t mean cats can’t enjoy a road trip!

pet dehydration skin test

Fall DIY Projects to Prep Your Yard For Your Pet

By Hank Champion

For many, fall is the best time to get outside. Even pets seem to have a little more zip in their step as the air gets cooler and the leaves start to change.

petsafe article

How to train your cat to use a cat door

By Hank Champion

If you have a dog in your home, you know how often they like to go outside for potty breaks, fresh air or to check on the squirrels.