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Teach Your Dog to Stay Calm and Stop Barking

Teach Your Dog to Stay Calm and Stop Barking

By Justin Young

Is your dog’s excessive barking keeping you from having a peaceful home? If so, now is the perfect time to get started on training him when it’s ok to bark.

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Come When Called

By PetSafe Guest

How confident are you that your dog will come to you when called? It’s one of the basic obedience commands every pet parent should teach their dog. In addition to building a stronger bond with your pet, it could one day save his life.

Spring is the perfect time to get outside with your dog. One of the keys to keeping him safe is to make sure he knows basic commands such as come, sit, stay and heel. Check out the video below for some helpful tips on teaching your dog to come when called.

easy walk harness headcollar

Is a Harness or Headcollar Right for Your Dog?

By Jessie McDowell

Is the Easy Walk® Harness or the Gentle Leader® Headcollar the right walking tool for your dog? Watch this video comparison to find an easier way to walk your dog.

Stop the 77: What Your Dog Is Really Thinking

By Michelle Mullins

Are you a doggie mind reader? What's your dog thinking when you kiss him on the cheek or pet his head? You might be in for a surprise.

Why Use a Remote Trainer?

By Jessie McDowell

Robin MacFarlane explains why remote trainers are safe and effective training tools for dogs.

Clicker Training Your Dog

By Jessie McDowell

Teach your dog better behavior with clicker training. Watch this step-by-step video on how to clicker train your dog.

Our Favorite Dog Videos

By PetSafe Guest

Video shoots are always fun, and they make us love our dogs even more.These are all great moments of being stage pet parents.