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What We’ve Been Waiting 192 Days to Tell You

By Natalie Lester, Brand Communications Specialist

Each time I’ve responded to a comment on the blog, question on our Facebook page, replied to a tweet on Twitter, or exchanged email with an inquisitive pet parent, one thing has been on my mind – “wait until they see what’s coming!” This week is the first time we can share with our fans and followers all the new products we’ve been working on for you!

For the last 8 months, our team of engineers, product managers and marketing specialists have been developing 40 new products with you in mind. We took a fresh look challenges pet parents face and went to work on some creative solutions.

This week at Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida, the new products were introduced to the pet industry. We are excited to see what you and your pets think of them. Check out this quick tour of our booth before the show opened this week:

Here are some of the highlights.

Two of our Froli Cat toys won an award in the Best New Cat Product category.

Froli Cat Global Pet Expo

PetSafe Booth at Global Pet Expo Day 1

PetSafe Global Pet Expo

Category Manager Jon Cornwell talks with booth visitors about our awesome new fountains! Check out those bubble towers.

Global Pet Expo

Category Manager Lori Sharp explains our new Passport® door to booth visitors. The door allows for selective entry and customizable schedules for up to 20 pets.

Global Pet Expo new products

A new section of the Global Pet Expo was the New Product Showcase. Here is our 40 new products which were featured.

Global Pet Expo

Our CEO and Founder Randy Boyd  at the press conference on Wednesday morning.

  Global Pet Expo Randy Boyd

Jill Rappaport included our Drinkwell 360 fountain in her live broadcast for NBC's Today Show. The water was so fresh, she took a drink!

Global Pet Expo NBC TODAY

Expansion of Lickety Stik lickable treats and a new line Indigo treats for your pets to enjoy.

PetSafe Global Pet Expo treats

Our Indigo treat line was featured on Orlando's local NBC station WESH Channel 2. The anchor even tasted the meat strips and commented, "They taste just like beef jerky."

Global Pet Expo treats

We cannot wait for your local stores to stock these items so you can use them to enhance your relationship with your pet! Be sure to let us know which of our new products you are most excited to try out in the comment section. Three winners will be chosen at random and we'll send you your favorite of our new product*, and keep an eye on your local shelves for them throughout 2013.

* Products listed as "coming soon" will be subject to availability.



As the PetSafe Brand Communications Specialist, Natalie manages the PetSafe brand across multiple social and content sites, including The Paw Print blog, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. She also generates other brand related content including product information for retailers, video scripts, and public relations. Before PetSafe, Natalie worked in the local media covering politics, education, and religion. Natalie’s puppy, Emma, spends almost as much time in the office as she does.    

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I am very excited about a few of your new products!  My spoiled little mutts would probably love the Build-A-Bone & new LiquiMints Likety Stix.  I would appreciate your Hands Free Leash & Clik-R Clip.

I am torn on my favorite, but the top two have to be the Drinkwell fountains & the Train n’ Praise Treat Dispenser.  I see great things for this in the future & would love to see a version I could operate away from my home via an internet connection maybe with a camera so I could ‘check-in’ while at the office! 

I love your new products! Great job!

Thanks, Tamara! :) We’re planning a fall launch of even more new products, so stay tuned!

I like the drinkwell Avalon fountain, the lickety stik mint and the lickety stik gel.

I’m looking forward to the new Lickety lines - especially the gel which looks much easier to dispense.

I love the look of the new Drinkwell pet fountains, especially the Pagoda!  I’m also a fan of them being easy to clean.

A little disappointed because almost all of the new products are for dogs.

My spring project was to setup a secured-entry/exit cat/dog door for our creatures to be able to go outside during the day while we’re at work.  (Both cats are trained on the electric fence, the dog will be this spring)  I’m rather excited to see what PetSafe’s take on this category is going to be since I’m not really excited about any of the products out there right now.

The Everflow fountain sounds great, too - and I wonder how difficult it could be to modify it to use a ice maker-style line for indoor auto-filling water.  (Not like the existing fountains we have all over the house are a pain to fill up, but heck, why not make them NEVER need filling??!?)

I am a trainer and I am always looking for training tools that would help my clients and their dogs. The Pawz Away Mini Pet Barrier would be great for the client with a counter surfer and is a good price.  The price of the Basic Remote Trainer would be good for the pet owner that wants to use it for the most basic training and after training use it as a reinforcement later if needed. 
I don’t usually recommend any kind of e-collar but for those clients that do want to use them these two would be more affordable than any I’ve seen on the market so far. (I always try out any training tool before I recommend using it.)

I am excited to try out the Sweep One automatic litter box. I tried another model of automatic cleaning litter box and I loved it. Except that the motor burned out after only a few weeks. Twice! I had it replaced the first time. But the second time I just gave up and threw the whole thing out. I would love to try out this one because the convenience makes such a huge difference when cleaning cat boxes in a multiple-cat household.

I am also interested in the Indigo Triple treats. They look as though they are great for dental care. Especially since my very large dogs won’t let me near their mouths with a toothbrush.

I’m anxious to check out the PASSport door!!

I would simply love the Drinkwell Pagoda Fountain! Our 4 cats would be thrilled to have a clean, 2 drinking area fountain!
But the Train n’ Praise Treat Dispenser would be amazing!

Stopped by PetSafe and loved the new products. My dog loves the new Indigo dental bones!

Do you have a dog containment wireless system that will work on a small, severely sloped yard (from front to back approx drop of 10-12 feet?
Thanks for your reply

I’m really curious about the Build A Bone toys and the Indigo treats!

Hi, Geo! Thanks for reaching out to us. The wireless fence works best in a flat, level yard. Because of the way the system operates, signal from the system will be inconsistent in areas where there are slopes or grades of more than 3-4 feet, which can be confusing for your pet. If you have a hill or your yard is not level, the in-ground fence would be a better option for your pet and would better suit your containment area. Let us know if you have any other questions.

Premier’s toys are the best.  They are durable and fun.

I am always looking for good stuff. Thanks for the info.

I want the Build-a-Bone toys. My dogs would love them so much. And they are so in need of bones to keep them busy and from destroying anything. Boredom = destructive dogs in my house.

Lots of great products. I like the pagoda fountain the best.  Looks like a great product and I am sure my cats would enjoy drinking from it. Keep the wonderful products coming.

My cats would love one of the fountains.

We’re most excited about the new fountains and the new lickety sticks!

The Drinkwell everflow fountain would be great on our deck this summer.

Thank you for the great information.Lots of great products.Build a bone is nice

I like the pagoda or Avalon fountain, our cat love these types better than normal bowls and I think it would help keep them out of the sink while i’m trying to get ready.  I also like the Indigo Triple Chews, Teether Treater, and Smokehouse Strips, I think my dog would like any of them.

Pagoda Fountain. Although my dogs might fear it at first I think our crazy cat would love this. I love the idea of the water not just sitting and getting stagnant.

My boys love the lickety stiks. Great product!!!

love the pet fountains. I have two of them and really liking the pet barrier

I would love to try the wireless mapping fence with my dogs, so that they can hang out in the front yard with us without trying to take us on a wild goose chase!

I would love to try any of the treats - large, safe bones (not rawhide) to keep him busy but that are not harmful.  Build-a-bone sounds interesting.  Most interested in anxiety, stress tablets, calming aids.

Toys that make them think but that are durable are much needed.  Those we have had do not last long.

Thanks.  Keep them coming!

I would love to try the Lickety Stik in the gel form. I discovered Lickety Stik when received as a sample low calorie treat for my chubby puppy. My dog loves the Lickety Stik meat flavor but after he licks it, he then licks himself - he gets a bit stinky. I think the mint gel would be great for him! Also, I would basically love to try all the new items.

The passport door looks like a perfect solution for us. I have been considering a “doggy door” for some time but have had some concerns due to the size of my dogs and security. Having a programmable door that is only accessible in and out when scheduled looks like a dream come true. I will surely be watching for this.  Next, the pendant trainer…I will check that out too.

One of my absolute favorite products is the Drinkwell Avalon Fountain.  My pet has always had a problem with drinking water, not sure why, but with this fountain it will allow my cat to get water from the side as it drips.  He is 5 years old now and from time to time I still have to use a syringe in order for him to get water because he like the drips.  Thanks!

excited to try meat jerky

I would LOVE to try the Drinkwell® Porcelain Avalon Fountain or the Drinkwell® Porcelain Pagoda Fountain! What a great idea!! I am constantly changing the water for our 3 large dogs and 1 cat and this would not only provide clean safe water all the time, but it would save me much time and wasted water!! LOVE IT!

Awesome Blog Post!  Actually just came across your site, as we’re getting our first dog in 3 weeks!!!  Your wireless dog fence has had some great reviews, so that lead me to your faceook to check out if any one else had reviewed it there… which then lead me to your blog.  I have to say I’m totally stealing this idea for my next tradeshow… I love how you are walking everyone through everything, so it’s just like you’re at the show!  Be flattered really, I don’t steal from everyone!  Looking forward to our new family member and using some of your great products…. I have to assume they’re great because the booth staffers send out such a positive vib through the video ;-)

We would love to try the Drinkwell® Avalon Fountain, it looks like a great product!! With all the animals we have in our home, it would be nice to not have to always be refilling the water bowls (we have four at the moment!)
The pups love the Lickety Stiks, what a wonderful idea and the new Pawz Away® Mini Pet Barrier is a wonderful product, works wonderful!  Thank you for the chance to win!

I am extremely excited to try the Sweep One Advanced Auto-Cleaning Litter Box System!!!!!

I’m excited to try the new littler box for my cat.

Hi I really like the sweep one advanced litter box ,train N praise treat dispenser,and the lickety stik gel the best

The items best suited and liked are indigo smokehouse strips,lickety stik liquimints and train N praise treat dispenser

My favorite is the Drinkwell® Porcelain Pagoda Fountain. I’m always trying to get my cat to drink more water and I like that it’s made of porcelain and not plastic.

Most excited about the Train N Praise Treat Dispenser- is this similar to the Manners Minder? Have really wanted a manners minder for a long time but can’t afford one. I also like the looks of the Drinkwell fountains, Build-A-Bones, and especially the LiquaMints.  Do PetSafe collars work with existing Invisible Fence brand systems? If they do, I’d consider the rechargeable collar.

The pagoda fountain is so cute, I would love to have it! I like that it has a style to it instead of a clunky looking ‘tub’ full of water.  I am really impressed!

I love your basic pet trainer, really a great product/I would like to try the ultra sonic bark collar~our Corgi really has a shrill bark I’d love too tame town.  :)

Our dog really likes the Lickety Stik! I would like try any of your product line.

The PASSport Pet Access Smart System looks amazing! We’re searching for something like this now that we are getting a privacy fence built in the yard.

The Elite Pendant Remote Trainer could have a lot of fun possibilities as well.

All of your new products sound great. Your line is always top notch!

I would absolutely LOVE to have the
PASSport Pet Access Smart System. We live in an area that has an abundance of raccoons, squirrels, groundhogs, etc. We currently have to lock our pet door when the sun goes down because those little critters like to come on in for dinner and snacks! It would be awesome to have control over who can and can’t come in and out. What a great idea! We have 2 miniature dachshunds and a cat, so we could definitely put it to good use. =)  The other new product that stands out is the Drinkwell® Pagoda Fountain. My cat and 2 dogs have their own water dishes, but as most animals do, they like to all use the same dish, which can cause a lot of particles of dirt, food, hair, etc to float in the water. I love that it is large enough for all three to drink out of at once, that it is easy to clean and maintain, and that it has a porcelain base rather than a cheap plastic base. I am so excited about your newest is very obvious that a lot of research and thought when into these products!

Oh my goodness, the PASSport Pet Access Smart System Door. My mom sent me an email about this one when it was in the survey faze, and I was SO EXCITED about it!! I thought, that sounds like a wonderful idea!! So, glad to see that it looks like it’ll be hitting the shelves soon!

I love your new Pagoda Fountain!  It would be the perfect water bowl for my Asian theme home.  :)

I heard about Lickety Stix from a friend and thought it sounded like the perfect thing to use while trimming my dog’s nails. I have two Jack Russell Terriers and they both loved the Lickety Stix liver flavor. I got the three pack, but the liver flavor is the first one I’ve tried.  I like that the Lickety Stix are so low in calories, and that the dog has to work a bit to get their taste. What a fabulous idea! Thanks a bunch for Lickety Stix!

There are so many new products I am interested in! I’m sure my dog Lola would love the Lickety Stik Gel and LiquiMints. The Sweep One Advanced Auto-Cleaning Litter Box would be a great addition to our multiple cat household. I think all of my pets would enjoy the Drinkwell Avalon Fountain, as well! I look forward to trying out these new products! Keep ‘em coming!

This is so weird, I know I already commented on this, but it’s not showing up!  I am so interested in your Train ‘n Praise™ Potty Training System!  This would be awesome for dachshunds in Wisconsin during the snow, wind, cold, and wet!!  It’s so sloppy outside right now and they hate going outside.  Especially with seniors.

My girls would love the drinkwell pagoda fountain; I would love the PASSport Pet access smart system as my mother has a tough time going down the stairs to open the door to put the dogs out.  Sounds nice and secure with no unwanted visitors able to come through.

Congrats, Amanda! You’ve been selected as one of our giveaway winners. Email us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to claim your prize. :)

Congrats, Mark! You’ve been selected as one of our giveaway winners! Email us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to claim your prize. :)

Congrats, Amy! You’ve been selected as one of our three giveaway winners. Email us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to claim your prize. :)

Great, Mark! We’ve ordered your fountain and can’t wait for you to receive it!

This is my first time on your site. I am extremely happy that I received the email from your company. Since working with small animals for over 18 years I would love to try the electronic fence system. Owing a male chi-winnie, the barking contol collar is desirable. We just got a new puppy. Yes, the potty training aids would also be most helpful. Being a multi pet owner, I am sure this website will quickly become the go-to authority on most problems that will surely arise. Thank you in advance for all you sure to be help and advice.

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