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Are you begging your dog to behave?

You are not alone. Turns out, millions of people are begging their dogs instead of teaching them. This doesn't mean you aren't an awesome pet parent. It just might mean that you've been barking up the wrong tree.

Our new, easy-to-use PetSafe Remote Trainers let you teach basic commands, like “Come!” “Sit!” “Stay!” Additionally, our variety of PetSafe No-Pull Harnesses prevent your dog from pulling, running, lunging or jumping.

PetSafe Teaching Solutions make teaching your best friend a walk in the park.

Easy Walk®

Gently discourage your dog from pulling on the leash while never putting pressure on his delicate throat area.

Easy Walk® Deluxe

This harness takes the Easy Walk harness to the next level with washable neoprene-lined straps and highly-visible, reflective straps for nighttime walks.

3-in-1 Harness

1) Promises premium comfort, adjustability and safety.
2) Has a standard back clip for walking plus a front clip prevents pulling.
3) Features a car safety control clip, limiting car movement.

Gentle Leader® Head Collar

Prevent pulling, lunging or jumping behaviors without putting pressure on your dog's neck. The nose loop gently directs his head in the direction you want to go.

Long Distance

Communicate with your dog from up to 900 yards away. Teaching your dog from a distance builds an even stronger, more trusting relationship between the both of you.

Pocket Sized

The smaller, ergonomic advanced remote fits discreetly in your palm or pocket.

Teaching Signals

Our Remote Trainer comes with three different ways to communicate with your dog.

Waterproof & Rechargeable

The collar & remote are rain, snow and puddle proof. Plus, they are rechargeable! So, no batteries to buy.