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Deluxe Little Dog In-Ground Fence™ Receiver Collar by PetSafe ...

We've designed this waterproof In-Ground Fence™ dog collar for small dogs 5 pounds and up. To keep him secure in his yard, this receiver collar has 4 levels of ...
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Classic In-Ground Fence™, 2 Dog by PetSafe - ZIG00-17510

When you bury your boundary wire, you have the flexibility to fence in a customized area for your dog. Setting up an in-ground pet fence is a DIY project, ...
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Stay & Play® Wireless Fence Receiver Collar for Stubborn Dogs by ...

Use this waterproof, rechargeable receiver collar as a replacement collar, or purchase more collars for all the dogs in your family. The collar has 5 levels of ...
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Shop Dog Toys products by PetSafe

Busy Buddy® dog chew toys and FroliCat™ laser toys make playtime last longer by dispensing treats as your pet plays. Find the best toy for your dog.
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Elite Little Dog Bark Collar PBC00-12726 | Product Support | PetSafe

The bark control collar is designed to get your dog's attention and interrupt their barking pattern, not to punish him or her. It is a device that helps you ...
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PetSafe In-Ground Fence | Dog Wire Fence Underground

Shop for electronic dog and cat fences and containment systems. PetSafe® offers today's most advanced in ground pet containment systems.
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Dog Harnesses | Dog Collars | Dog Leashes | PetSafe

PetSafe® offers the perfect leash and collar or harness combo for you and your dog or cat. Get a matching collar and leash or try a Gentle Leader or Easy ...
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Wireless Dog Fences | In-Ground Dog Fences | PetSafe®

We offer two types of fences for dogs and cats: in-ground and wireless pet fences. Wireless cat and dog fence systems create a circular, wireless pet ...
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PetSafe® | Dog Fences | Feeders | Collars | Cat Litter Boxes

Easy to use, with no programming required, the collar gives your dog a safe, consistent reminder to be quiet right as he barks. The correction is startling ...
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How to Socialize for the Dog Park | PetSafe®

Dog parks can be a wonderful place to allow your dog to play and explore off-leash in a safe environment. Once you have established the few important things ...

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