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Electronic SmartDoor™ by PetSafe - GRP-ESD

This electronic dog and cat door comes in 2 different sizes, small and large. Installing your pet door is a simple DIY project and can be installed into any ...
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Happy Ride® Mini Dog Ramp by PetSafe - 16020

Trust PetSafe® to help your pet stay healthy, safe and happy. Features. Durable plastic dog ramp perfect for helping dogs into minivans, sedans or onto low- ...
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Elite Little Dog Bark Collar PBC00-12726 | Product Support | PetSafe

It should only be worn whenever you don't want your dog to bark. Your dog's reaction to the collar in terms of their barking will depend on your usage of the ...
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SMART DOG® Trainer Operating Guide

The PetSafe SMART DOG Trainer uses BLUETOOTH wireless technology to connect your smartphone to your SMART DOG training collar. With this combination, you have ...®_Trainer_Manual.pdf
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Being a Good Dog Dad | PetSafe®

Dogs receive guidance through training. Formal obedience training is the best way to learn how to teach your dog the ways of getting along in the human world.
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The Drinkwell® Outdoor Dog Fountain is intended for year-round indoor household use or seasonal outdoor use. Do not operate the fountain in temperatures below ...
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Elite Remote Trainers

The Elite Little and Big Dog Remote Trainers have ranges varying from 400-1000 yards. There are 15 correction levels and a +2 Boost button for distractions.
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Having Fun with Your Dog | PetSafe®

Bored dogs will often try to entertain themselves—whether that means chewing your shoes, barking at what seem like imaginary sounds, digging up your flower ...
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Dog Training Collars | Dog Obedience Training | PetSafe

In-home dog training supplies and tools. Remote trainers & agility training sets for dogs.
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Nylon Dog Leash | Nylon Leashes | 4 & 6 Ft Dog Leash | Petsafe

Leash Length, Leash Width, Benefits, Recommended Pet Size. 4 feet, 3/4 inch, More control for pulling dogs, less likely to get tangled, Medium dogs (30-75 ...

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