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Electronic SmartDoor™ by PetSafe - GRP-ESD

The Electronic SmartDoor is excellent for my dogs as we were able to install it ... What is the time the door takes to lock back after a dog has went through?
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Lap Dog Trainer

Advanced features help develop good behavior quickly in dogs big and small. This featherweight collar receiver rests easily on your dog's neck. Innovative in- set ...
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PetSafe® Official Website

A deterrent will activate when any dog barks, meaning when one dog barks, all of your dogs will hear the harmless but annoying tone. A static, spray, or vibration ...
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Shop Remote Trainers products

Choose from a range of remote training supplies for dogs. ... handheld remote transmitter delivers a safe, humane correction to your dog's receiver collar.
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Dog Muzzles by PetSafe - GRP-MUZ

This padded, comfortable dog muzzle safely prevents dogs from nipping, biting, and barking while still allowing them to pant. Ideal for visits to the vet or groomer.
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Pet Doors | Door Entry & Wall Entry Dog Doors

Cat & Dog Icon. Doors in every shape and size, from cat to large dog. Lock Icon. Locking panels and magnetic flaps for security and control. Climate Icon.
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How to Socialize for the Dog Park | PetSafe® Articles

If your dog is shy, reactive or hasn't been around other dogs you should consider a less overwhelming environment like a training class before checking out the ...
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Add-A-Dog Receiver Collars by PetSafe

Add a second collar to your existing PetSafe Remote Trainer. Compatible with the following PetSafe Remote Trainers: 300 Yard Remote Trainer PDT00-16024  ...
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Shop Batteries & Accessories products by PetSafe

Items 1 - 48 of 193 ... Enjoy better walks. Bark Collars & Deterrents. Stop your dog's barking. Training. Teach your pet obedience and tricks. Litter Boxes. Stop ...
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Can Cats Use Dog Doors? | PetSafe® Articles

While dog doors typically give access to the back yard, there are multiple ways a pet door benefits Kitty. Think outside the cat box and use a pet door to manage ...

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