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Nylon Dog Leash | Nylon Leashes | 4 & 6 Ft Dog Leash | Petsafe

Leash Length, Leash Width, Benefits, Recommended Pet Size. 4 feet, 3/4 inch, More control for pulling dogs, less likely to get tangled, Medium dogs (30-75 ...
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Add-A-Dog Receiver Collars by PetSafe

Features. Train Up to 2 Dogs at the Same Time - Compatible with the following PetSafe Remote Trainers : PDT00-16024, PDT00-16027, PDT00-16117, PDT00-16120 ...
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In Harm's Way: The Story of Shadow the Injured Police Dog | PetSafe®

It felt a little strange, like we were hurtling through the void towards each other. police dogs K9 cops The police dog, Shadow, and his handler had been on an ... police-dog
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Ask a Vet: Why Is the Fur on My Dog's Face or Body Stained Brown ...

Have you ever seen a white dog with a dark, stained beard? While it's harmless for the most part, there are some medical conditions that could cause ... body-stained-brown
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Big Dog Rechargeable Bark Control

The PetSafe® Big Dog Rechargeable Bark Control Collar must be used only on healthy dogs. We recommend that you take your dog to a veterinarian before using ... pdf
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Never shave the dog's neck; this may lead to a rash or infection. • The Receiver Collar should not be on your dog when the system is tested. Your pet may ... manual.pdf
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Gentle Leader Head Collar | Head Halter For Dogs | Petsafe

More than 5 million dog owners have found the secret to controlling their dogs on walks with the Gentle Leader Headcollar.
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Dog Restaurant Etiquette | PetSafe®

Follow these tips for taking your dog to a dog-friendly restaurant this summer. 1. Training Preparation. - Practice your dog's commands. Your dog should ...
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Proper Grooming and Skin Care for Senior Dogs | PetSafe®

After all, some pets, especially cats and shedding dogs, can keep themselves sufficiently clean, and others only need the occasional bath to remove the ...
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Why Neuter a Dog? The health and behavior benefits | PetSafe®

Aggression between dogs, marking, and mounting are decreased about 60% of the time. Consider having your male dog neutered at the earliest age recommended by ... problems

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