How do I train my pet to use the Pet Loo?

Basic Steps Place your dog where you want him to go at toilet time. Dogs usually need to pee after sleeping, eating, or playing. Younger puppies may need to ... pet-loo
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Bark Control | Bark Collars | PetSafe

A deterrent will activate when any dog barks, meaning when one dog barks, all of your dogs will hear the harmless but annoying tone. A static, spray, or vibration ...
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Why Dogs Destroy Squeaker Toys | PetSafe® Articles

In most domestic dogs, these behaviors have been modified to a level that stops short of doing damage to other animals. Sound & Silence. dog prey drive.
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Elite Little Dog In-Ground Fence™ by PetSafe - PIG20-11041

With 4 levels of static correction plus a tone only mode, you will be able to select the right level for your dog. Features. In-Ground Fence for Little Dogs - Designed  ...
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Shop Remote Trainers products

Choose from a range of remote training supplies for dogs. ... handheld remote transmitter delivers a safe, humane correction to your dog's receiver collar.

What age does my dog need to be before I can introduce them to the ...

What age does my dog need to be before I can introduce them to the system? Your pet should be old enough to recognize basic obedience commands such as  ... intro
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Dog Park Benefits: How Barking for a Park Can Help You, Your Pet ...

Most people probably see a dog park as a fun place for a dog to run and play off- leash, but do you know how beneficial they are to you and your community? help-you-and-your-pet
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How to Train a Deaf Dog | PetSafe® Articles

Training a dog who is deaf can be even more challenging. People often think it is too hard to train the dog or because deaf dogs startle easily, or they believe the ...
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Shop for Drinkwell® Big Dog 128oz Replacement Reservoir by ...

We love our Big Dog fountain, but I made the mistake of putting the original reservoir in the bottom rack in the dishwasher. Needless to say, it melted. I originally ...
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Happy Ride™ Aluminum Dog Bicycle Trailer by PetSafe - GRP ...

Your dog will enjoy the ride with a view looking out the ventilated side, front and rear windows. Pack your best buddy's leash, water and treats for the adventure ...

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