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The Do's And Don'ts For How Long You Can Leave a Dog Alone ...

Do give them a dog door for potty breaks and sunshine on demand. Giving your dog access to the outdoors with a pet door has many benefits. Getting outdoors ...
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Bed Manners for Fido: Keep Your Dog off the Bed | PetSafe®

One common problem that most dog parents struggle with is bed manners. It seems like some of us try so hard to teach our dogs not to get on our beds but ...
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How Often Does My Dog Need Potty Breaks? | PetSafe®

This goes beyond house training, and takes into account the dog's body, digestion, and natural elimination timetable. Remember, too, that bathroom routines may ...
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EasySport Harness by PetSafe - GRP-ESPH

Best dog harness for running, walking and hiking for the most active dogs · Made of durable padded fabric to withstand all your adventures · Reflective piping for ...
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Bark Collars | Bark Control Devices | Bark Deterrent | PetSafe

Bark collars and ultrasonic deterrents stop your dog's excessive barking. By giving your dog a harmless yet annoying correction when he barks, your dog will ...
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stubborn dog in-ground fence™ receiver collar

Not for use with aggressive dogs. Do not use this product if your dog is prone to aggressive behavior. Aggressive dogs can cause severe injury or death to their ...
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Drinkwell® Big Dog Pet Fountain

Your new Big Dog Pet Fountain is designed to entice your pet to stay hydrated and healthy. We know that safe pets make happy owners.
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SD-70A Manual (Page 1)

Advanced features help develop good behavior quickly in dogs big and small. This featherweight collar receiver rests easily on your dog's neck. Innovative in- ...
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How To Keep A Dog From Escaping The Yard | PetSafe®

Have you ever had a dog escape your fence? Searching for your dog in the neighborhood isn't safe for them and can be stressful for you.
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Does Your Dog Play Nice? | PetSafe®

By Phil Monroe, PetSafe Village Kennel Representative proper dog play behavior. Monitoring dogs playing can be hard work. Our Day Camp counselors have good ...

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