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Stay & Play® Compact Wireless Fence by PetSafe - PIF00-12917

Why can't I use this fence with dogs younger than 6 months old? The age recommendation is based on your dog's cognitive development. A puppy should be at least ...
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Why is Your Dog Barking? | PetSafe®

If we can interpret a dog barking sound, it helps us to distinguish between nuisance barking and when our dog is trying to share important communication.
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The Extinction of Dog Catchers | PetSafe®

Given that experience, he knows quite a bit about animal welfare and the image of "dog catchers." As I rock my grandsons on my knee and tell them stories ...
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10 Safety Tips to Prevent Dog Bites | PetSafe®

dog aggression You cannot guarantee that your dog will never bite. All dogs bite. Some dogs bite more than others. Some bite harder than others.
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DIY Dog Grooming Basics | PetSafe®

My dog Doc is a fluffy pup, so he gets dirty very quickly. His legs, belly, and beard pick up dirt and water easily. I decided to groom him myself at home ...
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In-Ground Fence Accessories | Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence™

Get receiver collars, collar parts, extra wire and flags, and boundary wire break locator for the PetSafe® Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence™ (PIG00-10777)
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Why Dogs Destroy Squeaker Toys | PetSafe®

Puppies are notorious chewers while teething, But most dogs won't out-grow the chewing urge. They use chewing to relieve boredom, explore their world, ...
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Happy Ride® Extra Long Telescoping Dog Ramp by PetSafe - 62320

Designed to reach your tallest truck bed or car, the Happy Ride® Extra Long Telescoping Dog Ramp will give your dog the boost he needs.
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In Harm's Way: The Story of Shadow the Injured Police Dog | PetSafe®

It felt a little strange, like we were hurtling through the void towards each other. police dogs K9 cops The police dog, Shadow, and his handler had been on an ... police-dog
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Elite Little Dog Remote Trainer - Remote Trainers - Training Collars ...

PetSafe® Brand is the world's leader in containment, training, and lifestyle solutions to give pet owners more great moments with their pets.

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