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PetSafe® | Dog Fences | Feeders | Collars | Cat Litter Boxes

PetSafe® Brand is the world's leader in containment, training, and lifestyle solutions to give pet owners more great moments with their pets.
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Stay & Play® Wireless Fence for Stubborn Dogs by PetSafe - PIF00 ...

Persistent pups shouldn't miss out on outdoor fun. The PetSafe® Stay & Play® Wireless Fence for Stubborn Dogs will reliably keep your stubborn dog safe in ...
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Dog Fences | Electronic Fences For Dogs | Wireless Dog Fence

Electronic pet fences keep your pet safely in your yard. Skip the cost and hassle of a traditional fence with in-ground and wireless fences.
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PIF00-13663 - Stay & Play™ Wireless Fence for Stubborn Dogs

Your new Stay & Play™ Wireless Fence for Stubborn Dogs is designed to give your pet maximum freedom while keeping him safe.
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Gentle Leader Head Collar | Head Halter For Dogs | Petsafe

More than 5 million dog owners have found the secret to controlling their dogs on walks with the Gentle Leader Headcollar.
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Domesticating the Dog: The History of Man's Best Friend | PetSafe®

That's not surprising, considering dogs have been companions to humans for the past 30,000 years. If You Give a Dog a Bone. domesticating dogs. Scientists ... friend
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Drinkwell® Pet Fountains for Dogs & Cats by PetSafe® Brand

Dogs will drink from toilet bowls and puddles if their water bowl is dirty or empty. Healthier Pets. Filtered water encourages pets to drink more and stay ...
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Rough Play between Dogs | PetSafe®

If 1 dog is fun, 2 or more dogs multiplies the love. While most dogs enjoy canine company, differences between your pets can cause unexpected challenges.
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Fur Facts. Why am I allergic to cats but not dogs? | PetSafe®

For allergy sufferers, that may mean an increase in symptoms. Even if you aren't directly allergic to your cat or dog, they act like furry dust mops that trap ...
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Deluxe Little Dog In-Ground Fence™ Receiver Collar by PetSafe ...

Features. Purchase additional collars for every dog in your family; Our smallest collar designed for dogs 5 lb and up; Collar strap adjusts to fit neck ...

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