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Stay & Play™ Wireless Fence for Stubborn Dogs by PetSafe - PIF00 ...

The PetSafe® Stay & Play™ Wireless Fence for Stubborn Dogs allows you to create a safe and secure boundary around your yard without the hassle of burying ...
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Drinkwell® Stainless Multi-Pet Pet Fountain by PetSafe - PWW00 ...

My 6 dogs - German Shepherd, three bearded collies and two Havanese as well as the two cats drink out of these fountains. We have 2. They all prefer them to ...
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Dog Training Supplies | In-Home Dog Training Tools | Dog Behavior ...

Remote Trainers. Starting at:$28 price-tag. Simple, effective dog training in the palm of your hand. Teach your dog better behavior; No more jumping, digging, ...
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Dog Doors | PetSafe Pet Doors for Dogs & Cats

Pet doors for dogs and cats give you and your pet more freedom and independence.
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Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence™ by PetSafe - PIG00-10777

Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence by PetSafe® offers 4 high-intensity settings for dogs that are difficult to train.

Will another dog's bark set off the bark control collar?

PetSafe bark collars with our patented Perfect Bark dual detection technology will not be set off by another dog's bark. The collar.
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Hypothyroidism in Dogs | PetSafe® Articles

Hypothyroidism is a relatively common disease in the dog. Here's a discussion of the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment.
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Remote Training Collar | Electronic and Remote Trainer Dog Collars ...

Simple, effective dog training in the palm of your hand. Remote trainers let you teach your dog better behavior and stop behaviors like digging or jumping.
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Fur Facts. Why am I allergic to cats but not dogs? | PetSafe® Articles

Even if you aren't directly allergic to your cat or dog, they act like furry dust mops that trap and hold allergens like pollen and dust that do set you off. Why Am I ...
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Why do dogs love peanut butter? | PetSafe® Articles

Well, I scratched my head on this one because I've been involved with dogs for decades and tried to think when the first time I heard it was okay to give peanut ...

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