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Are Some Dogs at Risk for Dental Issues? | PetSafe®

Smaller Mouths in Smaller Breeds. small dog breed. There are a number of factors contributing to dental disease, but the one that seems to be most ...
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How Your Dog's Personality Affects Training | PetSafe®

Get to know your dog's personality and you'll have the keys to effective training sessions. What Makes Your Dog Tick. Most dogs will respond to food for ...
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Remote Spray Trainer by PetSafe - PDT00-16395

This collar is the best choice for training medium or large dogs who might be ... You can communicate with your dog using audible tone, vibration or spray, ...
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Consider Your Dog's Collar Carefully | PetSafe®

The only exception is dogs who have grown up in such impoverished environments - like in puppy mills - that they don't develop normal behaviors. These dogs don' ...
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Keep Your Deaf Dog Safe | PetSafe®

To begin, I'd like to say emphatically that living with and training a deaf dog isn't harder than with a hearing dog, it's just different, primarily for us.
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PetSafe® Pet Doors Provide Paths to Freedom for Dogs, Cats and ...

Cat or dog, big or small, we've got the pet door you need. Cutting a hole in your wall or door can be an unnerving proposition, but we give you all the tools to ... dogs-cats-and-owners
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Clearing the Air: Are Dental Treats Enough? | PetSafe®

Could your dog's breath melt your glasses? Does your cat's smile look like five miles of bad road? Stinky mouth odor not only interferes with how you ...
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Keep Kids Safe Even with the Dogs You Know | PetSafe®

77% of dog bites to kids come from a familiar dog. Do your children know how to stay safe around dogs?
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Play between Dogs and Cats: Keeping Them Safe | PetSafe®

For instance, dog tail wags invite approach while cat tail wags say, "Go away!" Pets that haven't been properly socialized to other species can misunderstand ...
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How to Keep Dogs & Cats Away From Each Other's Food | PetSafe®

stop dog from eating cat food When dogs and cats live together, they often snack from each other's food bowls. At my house, Magical-Dawg prefers cat food ... food

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