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Walk-Along™ Outdoor Harness by PetSafe - GRP-WAOH

However, unlike the Easy Walk Harness, this harness hast he handle on top of the harness works as a seat belt tether to keep your pup safe during road trips in ...
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Sure-Fit Harness® by PetSafe - GRP-SFH

When your dog tries to run ahead during your walk, the harness places pressure on the breastbone instead of the throat. This makes it easier and safer to ...
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Easy Walk® Harness, No Pull Dog Harness · 4.2. (375). Vet Recommended and Trainer Designed; Teaches Better Leash Manners. $22.95 22.9537 USD. 1 Item(s).
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Walk Your Dog: 14 Health Benefits of Walking | PetSafe®

Need some motivation to walk your dog? Check out these great health reasons to walk your dog. ... Easy Walk® Harness, No Pull Dog Harness.
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PetSafe® Remote Trainers and No-Pull Harnesses (EH)

This harness takes the Easy Walk harness to the next level with washable neoprene-lined straps and highly-visible, reflective straps for nighttime walks.
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Hands Free Leash by PetSafe - LSH-HF-BLK

You can certainly use the Hands-Free Leash with the Easy Walk Harness as long as your dog is walking on a loose leash beside you.
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Take a Walk: Step Into a Healthier Family | PetSafe®

Walking the dog with your family can guarantee a technology-free moment to bond and enjoy ... The Easy Walk Harness gives you and your dog a better walk!
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Merry Christmas from PetSafe! | PetSafe®

The Easy Walk Harness gives you and your dog a better walk! Does your dog love to pull you down the street as if he is running toward an endless doggie ...
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3 in 1 Harness

standard harness and can easily transition to a no-pull solution. ... from pulling and help achieve a loose leash walk. The ... for easy, relaxed control.
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Leash Training Puppies: Part 1, Introducing the Collar or Harness ...

It's much easier to teach a puppy to walk next to you than to teach an older dog because you are teaching on a clean slate rather than erasing and teaching ...

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