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Leash Training Puppies: Part 2, Walking Your Puppy | PetSafe®

An easy way to start leash training is to hook him to your belt like an umbilical cord and have him follow you around the house. Keep in mind that he might only ...
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Walking With Your Dog | PetSafe®

Feb 22, 2017 ... If you take your dog with you on errands where you walk, remember not to tie him up in front of a store because he can easily get stolen.
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Happy New Year! 8 pet resolutions and solutions for 2020 | PetSafe®

PetSafe® dog harnesses like the Easy Walk® reduce pulling and tugging and make walking and jogging with your friend easier than ever. for-2020
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How to Stop Your Dog from Pulling on the Leash | PetSafe®

... method is to use a Gentle Leader Headcollar or Easy Walk Harness. ... dog that pulling no longer pays off, and walking with a loose leash is rewarding.
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3 in 1 Harness by PetSafe - GRP-3IN1

Love the comfort straps! I used the easy walk harness for years with my pup, but she would always end up rubbed raw under ...
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5 Dog-Friendly Cities | PetSafe®

As you walk around town with your dog, you'll find bowls of water have been placed ... their human companions on the Old Charleston Ghost Walking Tour.
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PetSafe Sponsors K9 Cancer Walk | PetSafe®

Our walk leader, Leela, was a rescue dog who had suffered from cancer in her eye. ... Our PetSafe tent drew in a great crowd, and we even had Easy Walk® ...
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Make your dog feel right at home in your apartment | PetSafe®

An Easy Walk® Harness or Gentle Leader® will provide confidence and comfort for you and your pup as you enjoy your daily walks together. apartment
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How Much Exercise Does My Dog Need? | PetSafe®

How much time should you spend walking and playing with your pup? Learn how to stay healthy and active with your pup! ... Deluxe Easy Walk® No Pull Harness.
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Could Pulling on the Leash Hurt Your Dog? | PetSafe®

Your dog pulls while walking on a leash, which can lead to gagging and coughing. Your response may be to jerk the leash to stop him, but there can be ...

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