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How to Enrich Shelter Pets' Lives | PetSafe®

... solutions like Gentle Leader® Headcollars and Easy Walk® Harnesses. ... we contribute to a better behaved population of animals that are more easily ...
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No No, Bad Trainer! | PetSafe®

Sometimes filling up Squirrel Dudes for the gang just because I'm just too lazy to take them for a walk. Making my ... Easy Walk® Harness, No Pull Dog Harness.

PetSafe® Official Website: Testimonials

Now I have a second dog and it was so easy to get a new collar. ... I had seen the Easy Walk Harness before, and liked how it hooked to the front of her chest, ...
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Sweet Summertime with Your Dog | PetSafe® Articles

Training your dog to walk through weavepoles or jump through a hoop using positive reinforcement training ... Easy Walk® Harness, Small/Medium Deep Purple.
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Tricks of the Trade | PetSafe®

It would be difficult to talk about tricks of the trade without talking about the Gentle Leader head collar and Easy Walk Harness. These are dog walking tools you ...
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Keeping Your Pet Healthy during Winter | PetSafe®

He will go for a walk in the snow, but once the walk is completed, he is done. He will take ... I sometimes think the only reason he goes on the walk is to justify his time on the heated bed. With that ... Easy Walk® Harness, No Pull Dog Harness. winter-month
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How to Help a Fearful Dog | PetSafe®

easy walk harness Head collars (i.e., Gentle Leader® Headcollar) or front-attach harnesses (i.e., Easy Walk® Harness) give you more control as you start to ...
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PetSafe® Brand Offers Innovative Product Solutions for Urban Pet ...

Jun 17, 2016 ... ... improve morning walks and please neighbors with less barking. ... include the PetSafe Deluxe Easy Walk® Harness, Busy Buddy® Fun.
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PetSafe® Remote Trainers and No-Pull Harnesses (RT)

This harness takes the Easy Walk harness to the next level with washable neoprene-lined straps and highly-visible, reflective straps for nighttime walks. 3- in-1 ...
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Surviving the Fireworks | PetSafe® Articles

Wraps and calming caps by Thundershirt are easy to use and help both dogs and cats during stressful ... Deluxe Easy Walk® Harness - Medium, Ocean. $22.95.

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