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Shop for FroliCat™ POUNCE™ by PetSafe - PTY00-14236

Pounce by PetSafe® is an automatic hide-and-seek toy with 4 speed settings for hands-free play.
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Pounce™ Automatic Cat Toy

Support > Toys > Frolicat Pounce · Purchase this Product ... Does POUNCE have a Manual Mode? ... How long does POUNCE run in the One-Time-Play Mode?

Radio Systems® FroliCat Wins Two New Product Showcase Awards ...

Feb 22, 2013 ... FroliCat continues to be the playtime pros with the award-winning addition of the POUNCE™, DART DUO™, and FLIK™ interactive toys. showcase-awards-at-global-pet-e
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Winners FroliCat® & ScoopFree® Facebook Cat Photo Contest ...

Thanks to Krista, Asti is now playing with 5 new FroliCat toys which included BOLT, DART, POUNCE, SWAY, & TWITCH. According to Krista her cats started ... contest
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Automatic Ball Launcher by PetSafe - PTY00-14665

Automatic Ball Launcher by PetSafe® is an automatic interactive ball launcher.
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Tips for Getting Your Indoor Cat to Exercise | PetSafe® Articles

The FroliCat POUNCE is a rotating hide-and-seek teaser toy that moves a play mouse unpredictably around the circular path zooming forward, reversing ...
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Shop Cat Toys products by PetSafe

FroliCat® and SlimCat™ interactive and laser toys keep your cat active and playful. Get your kitty chasing, pouncing, and jumping!
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Find the Right Toy to Entertain Playful Cats | PetSafe® Articles

By 4 weeks of age, kittens practice four basic play techniques: pounce, swat, ... There's even a FroliCat Pounce toy with a mechanical mouse on a track that ...
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Facebook & Twitter Cat Photo Contest | PetSafe® Articles

Submit a photo to FroliCat's Twitter page (@FroliCat) and be entered to win five ( 5) FroliCat interactive cat toys (BOLT, DART, POUNCE, SWAY and TWITCH).
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Dart Duo™ Cat Toy by PetSafe - PTY00-14225

Next Previous. FroliCat™ DART DUO™ ... The unpredictable movement entices your pets to dart, pounce, and chase the red dot. Each laser spins in a circle on ...

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