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Feb 22, 2013 ... Radio Systems® FroliCat Wins Two New Product Showcase Awards at ... FroliCat POUNCE: Third Place Winner in the Cat Category is a rotating ... Showcase_Awards_at_Global.pdf
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Winners FroliCat® & ScoopFree® Facebook Cat Photo Contest ...

According to Krista her cats started playing with our newest product, the FroliCat Pounce as soon as it was out of the box. contest
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Tips for Getting Your Indoor Cat to Exercise | PetSafe®

The FroliCat POUNCE is a rotating hide-and-seek teaser toy that moves a play mouse unpredictably around the circular path zooming forward, ...
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Find the Right Toy to Entertain Playful Cats | PetSafe®

There's even a FroliCat Pounce toy with a mechanical mouse on a track that races about, hides, and teases cats into play. Bottom line, cats and kittens play ...
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Cat Toys Interactive | Cat Toys That Move | Automatic Cat Toy

FroliCat® and SlimCat™ interactive and laser toys keep your cat active and playful. Get your kitty chasing, pouncing, and jumping!
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Shop for FroliCat BOLT by PetSafe - PTY00-14244

FroliCat BOLT Laser Toy by PetSafe® shoots random laser patterns and has a ... and watch your pet pounce, chase, and bat at the exciting laser patterns.

Flik Automatic Teaser Cat Toy PTY00-14226 | Product Support ...

Which FroliCat products do the replacement teasers fit? FroliCat Replacement Teasers are for the FroliCat SWAY and FroliCat TWITCH only. Close. back to top ...
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Facebook & Twitter Cat Photo Contest | PetSafe®

Submit a photo to FroliCat's Twitter page (@FroliCat) and be entered to win five (5) FroliCat interactive cat toys (BOLT, DART, POUNCE, SWAY and TWITCH). One ...
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Zoom Rotating Laser Cat Toy by PetSafe - PTY00-16494

Just press the button to start playtime and watch the pouncing begin! ... 2 lasers rotate 360 degrees to create pounce-worthy play patterns ...
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5 Ways to Give Your Pet Joy this Holiday Season | PetSafe®

Don't leave out the frisky felines. PetSafe® Brand interactive cat toys, like the Cheese, Flik and FroliCat™ Pounce™ are sure to give your cat hours of fun!

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